Who Are The Racists?


Why in America is scoring points for “racial justice” more important to a black mother than finding the man that murdered her daughter in cold blood. This is the racial animus borne of Obama and the mainstream media. The question is, is this now the new normal?

At 7 a.m. on December 30th, 2018, LaPorsha Washington was driving near a Walmart in Houston, Texas, with her 4 daughters, when a red pick-up truck pulled alongside their car, and for no apparent reason opened fire.

Jazmine Barnes, 7-years-old was killed instantly by a bullet to the head. The case drew nationwide attention because the mother and the dead girl’s sisters, and other “witnesses” (all black by the way), all swore it was a “bearded white man in his 40’s” that shot her for no reason.

There was no equivocation. They all they got a very good look at him, good enough for an amazingly detailed “photo sketch” of the white suspect. They all even swore to the police they saw his “blue eyes” and “white face”.

And all the race baiters, fake race baiters, Hollywood celebrities, and the Progressives all came out vilifying all white people for their shameless racism, hatred and wanton murder of this little 7-year-old girl. They just knew that white supremacists and/or Nazis were behind it.

So the Police Department, BLM, the local media, NAACP, local politicians, national celebrities all went on the racist bandwagon decrying how an evil racist white supremacist gunned down a little girl for the crime of being black. This narrative played out for several days.

Even AFTER the Sheriff’s Dept. and the media and fake black man Shaun King received accurate tips that the killers were two black men, and the tipsters even gave the Sheriff the names of the killers.

But, that didn’t deter the Sheriff or Shaun King from blaming a white guy and calling for a white man, or really any white guy, to be arrested, even though they KNEW the perpetrators were black men. This get whitey narrative continued for several days until the Sherriff was forced to release the truth, that they had arrested two BLACK men for the murders, and they’ve confessed to the murder.

While this is a tragic situation, does that make right to use your daughter’s death as a tool of racial division and strife? How does a black man killing a black girl become a black/white issue? Only because the mother, the sisters and the eyewitnesses conspired to blame a white man because they didn’t want a “brother” to be arrested for murder? That actually seems to be the case in this instance.

The mother and sisters of the slain girl and numerous eyewitnesses lied to the police
that the killer was a white man with a beard, with bright blue eyes and in his 40’s.
The actual killer was a black man with a goatee and mustache, dark brown eyes
and in his 20’s. How can so many people be so wrong? Because they’re all lying.

The mother knowingly lied about the race of the killer. The mother hates white people so much that she was actually willing to allow the black murderers of her daughter escape justice just so she could see an innocent white guy put to death for a crime he did not commit. (Texas has the death penalty for murder). Now that is RACISM!

What is reprehensible is that the mother herself was shot in arm, and while in the hospital she tearfully recounted the how this “bearded white man in a pickup” pulled up alongside them and opened fire on them only because they were black. There are millions of blacks in the Houston area, it’s not like this black woman and her children were the only blacks in Texas, so why would this white guy want to kill them?

Probably, this has another side to the story we don’t know. Does the Mother owe a drug debt? Possibly the father did something to someone and this is payback? We don’t know the reason for the shooting yet, but we now know, no thanks to the Media, the Sheriff or BLM, that is was Black on Black crime. There is more here than meets the eye as even hoodrat thugs don’t kill little girls for no reason.

Even today, the mother still says it was a white man that did it, not black men, even though the two black men arrested confessed to the crime. But the Sheriff knew it was two black guys, and he knew their name and knew of them, yet he still went on media and implored the public to turn in the white racist murderer that killed this poor little black girl.

Will the mother or the witnesses be charged with lying and obstruction of a murder investigation? Will the Sheriff or Shaun King be held accountable for their willful lying to the public, while they knew the identity of the murder suspect, a black man named Eric Black, Jr. Plus the Sheriff at first refused to release the name of the actual murderer, probably hoping some random white guy would confess before he had to release the name.

Shaun King used his fake BLM pulpit to push the narrative, also after he knew who the real killers were. He continued to push the white guys did and whites must be held accountable narrative for days after the murder. Sean King, in reality, is a white man and claims he is a “founder” of Black Lives Matters. Shaun King, ala Rachel Dolezal, identifies as being a Black, although he has two biologically white parents.

Now the police, even after arresting two black men, say they are pursuing evidence that “could lead to others” (probably more manufactured white men with blue eyes?) being charged. The Sheriff’s Department is so racist that they won’t give up on the white guys did it mantra.

What is odd is how so many people came up with the exact same description of a white guy that did the shooting, and they all saw him at close enough range to see his blue eyes. So they sure as hell saw his white face also then, correct? And they all saw a sketch artist and came up with an amazingly accurate sketch of him, according to the witnesses.

The sketch artist, Lois Gibson, that did this sketch also did the sketch of the man that Stormy Daniels said had threatened her at the behest of Donald Trump. Both sketches look like the exact same man! Can’t Ms. Gibson sketch any face other than blonde, blue-eyed and bearded white men? The answer is obvious! Find the REAL killer of Jazmine Barnes, according to the mother’s description, and you’ll also find the man that threatened Stormy, and that’ll be enough to get Trump impeached!!!

Time for the FBI and DNC to get on board and find this white guy!!!

Update: Monday, Jan. 6th, 2019

The Sheriff finally announces he’s arrested asuspect, Eric Black, Jr., in the murder, but of course no mention of his confession, so he’s not really a suspect, he’s a criminal defendant. There IS a difference Sheriff Gonzalez. Maybe you should go back and hit the books now and again?

They have named a second suspect”, Larry Woodruffe that they are looking for. Possibly Mr. Woodruffe is the white, blue-eyed, with a beard suspect that the mother and daughters and eyewitnesses swore they saw do the shooting?

Also, the Sheriff is seeking a third suspect, described as a white man in a red pickup that was near the scene of the shooting when it occurred. If I were that white man, I’d be getting a lawyer because they are going to try to frame your ass dude! BEWARE! The mother has already got you in her sights for a big fat lawsuit! The fact that you are white makes you guilty. If you think that the facts and truth have anything to do with anything, just remember the Kavanaugh debacle. Get a lawyer, and a good one.

The Sheriff, being the honest law enforcement officer and good man that he is, had previously blamed the unknown white guy as a violent racist killer. And now he’s to turn himself into this same Sheriff? Yeah, right, sure, whatever.

Even AFTER the media finally reported the truth about the killers being two black guys, Congresswoman Shiela Jackson Lee (D-TX) went on TV to say that she hoped Jazmine’s death would lead to more discussions on race relations.

WTF does a black girl being murdered by two black men have to do with race relations Ms. Lee? Please tell us, or are you just trying to not let this “crisis” go to waste, ala Obama? Any chance to foment racial strife and violence is a good chance, right Sheila?

Jackson Lee continued ” This death of Jazmine has sparked a lot of discussion and I think that it is a good thing”. Really, this little girl’s death is a “good thing” by what measure? The mothers? She lied and blamed a fictitious white man when she knew it was black men that killed her daughter. So who benefits from this?

America has come down so low that anyone can just blame anyone for anything and it’s national news, and is to be believed at face value, damn the facts, as long as it’s an anti-white message.

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