Lying Then Or Lying Now?


No lie is too big to hurl in the fight against the border wall or about President Trump. Of course, having an obedient and complicit media that will dutifully report the manufactured whoppers as facts is essential, and the Democrats have that doggie on the leash.

No matter how many times and how loudly Nancy and Chucky and Barry and the gang shout it from the rooftops now, they were 100% on board with border security, until Donald Trump was elected that is.

That is the only thing that is different from years past when they, publically at least, supported border walls, fences, etc.

A short five (5) years ago these same Democrats proposed forty billion dollars ($40,000,000,000) in border protection. The same Democrats now they are refusing five billion dollars ($5,000,000,000). Is that logical or rational by any measure?

And if there were any “reporters” left that had an ounce of journalistic integrity, the American people would be reminded of what Barry, Chucky, and Nancy had to say about protecting the border and illegal immigration. But alas, that train has left the station.

Should we even mention the five-hundred million dollars ($500,000,000) Nancy and Chucky approved funding to build 287 miles of BORDER WALL in Jordan in 2018? Probably not, huh? Then never mind.

Just a short refresher course on Democrats and their thoughts on walls and borders before Trump was elected President. This proves, once again, that the Dems are obstructionists and will not agree with this President on a single point, ever. They said they would resist him 100%, and they are. This is the only time in history the Democrats weren’t lying.

In 2006, Senators Barry Obama, Chucky Schumer and Nancy Pelosi passed a bill known as the Secure Fence Act of 2006. This act called for the building of 700 miles of fencing and enhanced surveillance technology, such as ground based sensors, radar, cameras, unmanned drones, and satellites. Barry and Chucky and Nancy all voted in favor of this bill which was signed into law by President George W. Bush.

In reality, this bill was to build more border fencing and cost more money than Trump is asking for now, 12 years later. But the Dems won’t even give the President $1.3 Billion to build anything on the border. There is no problem on our border according to the Dems.

Under Obama, every Senate Democrat voted for the Gang of Eight bill — including 36 Democratic senators still serving today. President Barack Obama agreed to sign it. Indeed, he praised the bill for including what he called “the most aggressive border security plan in our history” and said that “the Senate bill is consistent with the key principles for commonsense reform that I — and many others — have repeatedly laid out” (emphasis added). That bears repeating: Obama said building a 700-mile fence on the southern border was consistent with the principles of the Democratic Party.

Pelosi supported the Gang of Eight bill, saying at the time that “every piece of this legislation has had bipartisan support” 

This all just proves obvious. The Democrats care more about poor, pregnant single Honduran women than poor, pregnant single American women.

The Democrats care more about protecting MS-13 (ask Nancy, they are “children of God” worthy of sanctuary and protection) than keeping them and their culture of violence and rape out of America.
FACT: The MS-13 motto is “Rape – Torture – Kill”. That says all the Democrats need to know about them to support and love them and want their vote.

The Democrats care more about building walls to protect Jordanians than building walls to protect Americans.

The Democrats would rather help Hondurans and El Salvadorans gain entry and access to government programs than to help the Black and Latino citizens that live here create a better life.

The rhetoric from years past does not match the rhetoric of today. The actions of years past does not match the actions of today.

The facts, once again, speak for themselves. Politicians, Left and Right, lie at will. Their “facts” are merely fluid talking points disseminated to appease their respective bases.

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