Mexizuela or Venexico?


Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Mexico’s 58th President is proving to be troublesome for the citizens of Mexico. He stopped a massive new airport project, and now he’s shut down the gasoline pipelines. The results were predictable.

For the first time in history, thousands of Mexicans are either lined up to purchase gasoline or they can’t buy any at all because the supply chain has been shut down, thanks to Mexico’s savior, Socialist President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The last time Mexicans had to queue up for fuel was after the earthquake in 1985, and even then the supply chain was sporadic and localized, not a man-made crisis as it is now. This is what happens when you elect a Socialist ideologue that has no idea about how a free economy operates.

This gasoline queue was reported to stretch for over 4 kilometers (2.4 miles).
If Obrador is the “answer” for Mexico, how stupid was the question?

As hundreds of filling stations sit empty, waiting for a tanker truck to arrive, at some undetermined point in the future, a few lucky stations were able to resupply. Mexico, unlike the US, doesn’t have an extensive underground pipeline network or a robust and safe tanker fleet.

AMLO is also asking “the people” to volunteer their trucks and tankers to haul gasoline, as he has no actual distribution network in place to supply the thousands of Pemex stations in Mexico by truck. Now, this is Socialist thinking at its finest.

He came up with a plan to paralyze 1/3 of Mexico that is cost effective, and he can blame Pemex executives, Pemex employees, the cartels, the Mexican thieves stealing the gas, etc. for everything. And who are the “victims” in all of this? The poor working men and women of Mexico, that’s who. Who was AMLO’s advisor on this debacle, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? Lord knows she’s up to date on Rules for Radicals.

The citizens of Mexico were witness to 8 years of Socialism in the US and what it did to the economy during Obama’s rule. Did you think that was an aberration for a Socialist (Obama) to attempt “fundamental transformation” and attempt to ruin a working capitalist economy? He actually told us he was going to do it during the campaign, just as Obrador did to the Mexican people. And we didn’t believe him. That was our mistake.

Obrador is Mexico’s mistake and in Socialist ideology, blaming the opposition or others, in general, is called Standard Operating Procedure as instructed in the book, “Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinsky. It is the definitive step-by-step playbook on how to turn a robust, free economy into an economic wasteland in the shortest amount of time required.

As it’s much easier, and cheaper, to make the rich and middle-class people poor than it is to make the poor people rich, Obrador is on his own personal path to hasten the “fundamental transformation” of Mexican society.

This is Obrador’s 2nd volley against the Mexican people. The first shot fired was the airport fiasco. Whereas Obama used racial strife and pitted segments of the population against each other and/or against law enforcement, Obrador has a somewhat different plan that seems to be shaping up, but the effects will always be the same, and it’s not good.

Obrador already stopped all construction on a massive new airport, that was already 30% completed, costing Mexican citizens tens of thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars that have already been spent/wasted. He did this after it was rejected in a referendum of his constituents where they supposedly voted overwhelmingly to cease construction.

Question… Does anybody in Mexico know anyone that actually took part in this important “referendum”? Just asking.

At this writing, there are kilometer-long lines as filling stations across Central Mexico as motorists queue up to purchase gasoline. In some cities and states, public transportation has been canceled. And of course, AMLO says to “not panic”. He’s at war with the “huachicoleros”, slang for fuel thieves, not the Mexican people, or that is what he says. Yet it is the Mexican people that, again, are paying a price because of their leader.

Mexico has relied on a massive system of above ground pipelines to deliver gasoline to distribution centers and filling stations. For years, Pemex employees and the cartels stole gasoline from the pipelines, day and night, to the tune of 60,000 barrels a day, or $7.4 BILLION a year.

AMLO has decided to shut down the pipelines and to use tractor trailers and train cars to move the fuel overland, thereby taking the money out of the pocket of the corrupt Pemex employees, but more foreboding, he is taking billions from the cartels. This isn’t chump change we’re talking about. It’s $7.4 BILLION, with a B.

While a few filling stations had gasoline, hundreds had none and had to close.

He is using the police and Army to escort shipments in some areas, and this had proven to be a slow and unreliable method, hence the kilometer long lines. Of course, AMLO is telling Mexicans “there is enough gasoline in the country, but we cannot use the pipelines because there are networks that were created to steal gasoline, alternate networks.”

Who really gives a damn if there is enough gasoline sitting in a refinery if they can’t put it in their car and get to work or take their kids to the doctor? If you’re one of the thousands of motorists lined up at a Pemex or Repsol station, how do you like your “mini-Maduro” today? You voted for him. You voted for this. He told you he was going to alter the way Mexico and Mexicans did things, and he is.

Better known as AMLO, Obrador proclaims to “have nothing” and is as poor and humble as the poor people that supported him. And as other Socialists, he is lying. He is worth at least $2.5 million USD, according to public records. He’s no pauper, and he’s no saint. He’s a Socialist with a plan to equalize the classes of Mexico.

Rule #1 for Socialist Leaders: Socialism is for the People, NOT the Socialist. And no matter how many times they say they are not interested in power and money, they are lying again. You’ll see starving citizens by the tens of thousands in Socialist countries, but you’ll rarely see a poor, skinny and starving Socialist/Communist leader.

Oye… Almost forgot… You might like Venexico rather than Mexizuela?

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