It’s Not Just YOUR Country!


Snowflake alert! I’ve got a reality¬†check for you Democrats, Socialists, Anarchists, and Progressives that have banded together to overthrow the President of America, who was voted into office by the people of America, for a reason. We reject your Socialism.

You are not the only ones that count. You may consider us unworthy, which in turn makes you unworthy. Your vote counts exactly as much as my vote. And you don’t like it. But for now, you’ve got to tolerate us, don’t you? I mean we literally pay for everything with our taxes, correct?

But you’ve got some new people in power for the first time declaring that working people should pay a 70-90% income tax to support their agenda of open borders, free Medicare, free college, free housing, green energy mandates, a “livable” wage of $15/hr. minimum, millions of illegals coming over the border that we’re morally obligated to support, etc.

I’m sure the politicians will “exempt” themselves from that excessive 70% tax rate, just like they’ve exempted themselves from Obamacare and Social Security. Nothing is too good for our politicians and nothing is what the citizens deserve.

But it’s OUR money, the worker, the taxpayer, the working stiff, the policeman, the janitor, the retail clerk, the burger flipper, the accountant, the cook, the bus driver, the engineer, the lawyer, the factory worker. All of us. It’s our money and we deserve to keep it, not give it to Ocasio-Cortez and her gang to give to their buddies.

You Progressives keep whining because Trump lowered the tax rates for individuals and businesses, when you wanted to raise them even more than Obama had already done. You keep whining because Trump wants to enforce our borders and you want to keep them wide open for all to come.

You are more worried about the poor people of Honduras than you are about the poor people of America and our own hungry and sick children. Of course, you normally had their votes locked up because of all the bling you promised them during the campaigns. But they’ve seen and heard your same lies, the exact same lies, over and over, each election cycle. And finally they are starting to vote a little more conservative.

According to Democrats, Republicans are white supremacists. They hate the elderly. They hate children. They hate women especially. The hate sick people. They hate healthy people. They hate people of color, light, dark and all in between. The hate poor people. They love only rich people. They hate gays. They hate trangenders. They hate pedophiles. They hate Muslims. They hate everything.

Yet you lost the election because:

  • You lost the heart of the people.
  • You lost your principles of helping the middle class.
  • You lost the will of the people.
  • You decided illegals were more important than American voters.
  • You lost the minds of the people.
  • Gave us 30 million illegals + Sanctuary Cities for them to hide in.
  • You gave us 8% unemployment.
  • You gave us 25% black unemployment.
  • You gave us 20% Latino unemployment.
  • You gave us record numbers of people on welfare
  • You gave us record numbers of people on food stamps
  • You gave us the lowest labor participation rate in history.
  • You gave us the longest sustained economic malaise in US history.
  • You never met a 3% GDP for more than one month.
  • North Korea developed nukes and ICBM’s with your tacit approval and your refusal to engage them and enforce strict sanctions. They were firing missiles over Japan and threatening nuclear first strikes.
  • You said manufacturing jobs were gone FOREVER from the USA.
  • You said the steel industry was gone FOREVER from the USA.
  • You said we’d have to learn to deal with less conveniences.
  • Signed up into the Paris Climate Accord which has us paying trillions to countries that don’t have to abide by the same conditions as us.
  • You said we’d have to pay higher taxes to sustain to pay for programs.
  • Your main focus, again, was abortion, abortion, abortion. Kill babies.
  • You couldn’t even hire 3 believable women to lie about Kavanaugh.

The guy that won the election and defeated Clinton is named Trump.

  • He won the election.
  • He won the minds of the people. Emotion and politics are oil/water.
  • Won the will of the people. We didn’t elect a saint, we knew that.
  • He lowered unemployment to 3.7% in two years, something Obama said would never happen again.
  • He gave us the lowest black unemployment rate ever.
  • He gave us the lowest Latino unemployment rate ever.
  • He is an American patriot. He believes in America and Americans first.
  • He believes in lower taxes, and he lowered them.
  • His tax policies have brought business investment back to the USA, even though Obama said these jobs were “never coming back”.
  • Millions of people have taken jobs that were created since he was elected.
  • Millions of people have dropped off the welfare rolls.
  • Millions of people have dropped off the food stamp rolls.
  • We have one of the highest labor participation rates in history.
  • We’ve been at 3-4% GDP since the first quarter of Trump’s tenure.
  • The steel industry has returned to the USA.
  • Manufacturing jobs have come back by the hundreds of thousands.
  • He’s renegotiated NAFTA for a favorable arrangement.
  • He’s renegotiating with China on the trade imbalance and is making amazing progress, something else Obama said couldn’t be done.
  • There aren’t people standing on every street corner begging like there was three years ago.
  • The once empty strip malls are back in business again after years of being half empty due to a moribund economy.
  • North Korea has been brought down a peg or two. They are no longer testing nuclear weapons and they are not firing missiles and/or ICBM’s at all for almost 2 years now, since Trump took office.
  • He pulled us out of the total boondoggle known as the Paris Climate Accord, which had the US giving up manufacturing jobs, fossil fuels, and doing idiotic things like paying carbon taxes to countries that won’t clean their air and water and won’t give us fossil fuels.

Now all the Left wants is 100% open borders, free college for everyone, free housing for everyone, free Medicare for everyone, free needles for addicts, free shooting galleries for addicts, over-equal rights for trannies and gays, reparations for blacks, I.C.E. to be disbanded, the racist prisons to be closed, blah blah blah blah blah.

As long as nothing you do is for or helps whites, Asians, the elderly, working taxpayers and their friends and family, or Conservatives the Left is all in.

But if you happen to be an illegal alien, preferably poor and uneducated from a 3rd world country, or a white person that identifies as being a black Socialist transgender MS-13 member and Muslim that wants an abortion, you have hit the JACKPOT are practically a GOD and they’ll take care of you and protect you in perpetuity, all courtesy of the US taxpayer.

Live long and prosper.

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