Whining Democrats


The State of the Union speech. In our lifetime, it’s a once a year event Americans look forward to. We know we don’t necessarily get the facts as to what is really happening, but we get to see all of our elected Federal officials together at the same time. Body language says a lot.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi sent President Trump a letter on Wednesday requesting that he delay his State of the Union address. She is concerned about the “security situation” due to the government shutdown. She said Trump could submit a written statement instead of giving a speech in person. It’s odd, as we never heard her ask Obama to not give the SOTU address.

The media is on board with Pelosi’s request and have opined that he’ll deny her request because he has to “hog the spotlight” and he’s a “camera whore”, etc. The media never called Obama a camera whore, did they? Pelosi noted that the SOTU, before radio and TV, was delivered to the House of Representatives, and then was read into the record by a clerk.

Pelosi’s reasoning, or her version of reason, is that since there is this catastrophic governmental shutdown going on, that the Secret Service and Capitol Police are sitting at home eating Ding Dongs and Cheetos, wholly unprepared to protect the President and our government facilities.

Strangely, Pelosi knows that the Secret Service, Capitol Police and numerous other agencies/departments are fully funded already and are not affected by the shutdown in any way, shape, or form. It’s just oh so convenient for her to pretend to be stupid, or she may not be pretending.

So, since Pelosi went childish on the President, it was too good of an opportunity to miss, as she opened herself up for it. The Democrat leadership had just spent several days on vacation in Puerto Rico, fun in the sun, with lobbyists, corporate executives and the cast of “Hamilton”, all on the taxpayer’s dime I might add.

They attended a special showing of “Hamilton”, ate world-class meals, stayed in a 5-star resort, and partied with celebrities. Of course, we all knew that right? RIGHT?

No we didn’t because the media ignored their several day excursion on our dime, because it would look hypocritical wouldn’t it? Yes, it did. So instead they took issue with the President serving “fast food” to the NCAA Football Champion Clemson Tigers when they visited the White House on Monday. They were on this story for 3 days, covering for the Democrats on vacation.

So as the President waited, and waited, and waited for the Democrats to do their job and meet with leadership and work on the shutdown, they went to the beach. Then as he was still waiting to work for the American people, he saw that the leadership was now going on a “junket” for another week to 10 days.

The President postponed her and her delegation’s government funded trip using military aircraft. She was due to leave to gallivant around the world, again on the taxpayer’s dime, but the President issued a letter grounding her.

His reasoning is sound and was the adult thing to do. A portion of the government, non-essential at that, is shut down. The President has been waiting and asking the Democrat leadership to meet and work things out. Pelosi has refused and says they will never negotiate with Trump about anything. It’s their way or the highway.

Let’s be honest. This was just another paid vacation in disguise for them. She cloaked as being a trip to express appreciation to our men and women in uniform for their service. You mean, she couldn’t do it by submitting a written statement and have it read to the troops by the Commanding Officer’s clerk?

Why not? That’s exactly what she suggested that the President do.

Then she said it was to receive critical national security and intelligence briefings from those on the front lines, intimating that the President was withholding or fudging the facts in the intelligence information they received.

Of course, she’s lying through her teeth on both counts. She doesn’t give a damn about the men and women that serve America, and in fact she is disgusted by them. She considers them uneducated, oafish, crude and a force for evil.

And the President doesn’t put together nor delivers security briefings to the Congress or the Senate either. That is done by the various intelligence agencies. Pelosi acting as if this comes from him is being deceitful.

Neither is it Nancy’s “job” to give assurances to NATO commanders of the United States ironclad commitment to the alliance. That’s the President’s and the Secretary of State’s jobs, not hers.

And for some reason, she had a couple of days or so stop in Brussels, even there was no official reason. She said it was to allow the pilots to rest. So, are we to assume then that they don’t let the pilots sleep when they are not flying or when they are off duty? They are kept awake 24/7?

So her entire story for this “junket” is B.S. She was just getting out of Dodge and letting her lapdog media carry her water for a couple of weeks. And the media is ecstatic to carry it for her.

They’ve concocted storylines about how Trump cancelling a $10 million dollar, taxpayer funded junket, is “childish”, but Pelosi trying to cancel the State of the Union address was “brave and forward thinking”.

They say Trump “demeans the Presidency” by his actions but call Pelosi’s request a “bold decision” and “the right thing to do” and “it’s about time someone reined in this President”.

The media, the DOJ, the FBI, the Clintons the other Deep State sycophants hopefully have their day of reckoning coming soon. If not, they’ll get away with it just due to the statute of limitations. They are just trying to run out the clock, and Trump is letting them for some reason.

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