The Biggest Lie


They consider those of us who are educated, politically aware, gainfully employed, and not afraid to speak the truth as enemies of the state. They know that we know that the Republicans and Democrats are opposites sides of the same coin. They have a symbiotic relationship.

“They” are the major organized political parties. The Republicans, the Democrats, the Libertarians, the Democratic Socialists, the Socialists, the Communists, and the Anarchists. All of them.

They all have the same goal, just a different path of getting there. One plays the good cop and one plays the bad cop, always. And we let them get away with it, election cycle after election cycle.

At this point the political parties and the government uses “identity politics” to categorize us. They divide us by religion, social class, culture, dialect, sexual orientation, disability, education, ethnicity, sex, nationality, language, gender identity, generation, occupation, race, profession, political party affiliation, settlement, urban or rural habitation and veteran status.

Then they pit one “group” against another, using their bought and paid for media to create and propagate false narratives. While we argue and fight, they continue to enrich and empower themselves. Our infighting also allows them to continue to enact more and more laws, rules, regulations, fees, fines, and taxes to regulate us.

They create problems, then come up with government studies to find a “solution” to the problem. Next, they create new agencies or departments to “fix” the problem that they manufactured in the first place, and the US taxpayer pays for all of it. Then for some unknown reason, we vote for these same people in perpetuity, even though they never deliver on their promises, they just make more promises.

The Mainstream Media carries the water for the political party du jour. Never believe the “narratives” put out by the mainstream media without verifying through more than two alternative and reputable sources. The MSM is owned by the political parties or their sycophants and is self-serving to meet their agenda, which is not the people’s agenda. The truth is out there, you just have to parse it out. The media outright lies, manufacture fake news, obfuscates, ignores, and lies by omission, etc.

It is scary that over the past few decades the Leftists have basically taken control of the country. Those on the “right” are a bad joke. They had power for 2 years after President Trump took power, and did NOTHING. And now they are doing NOTHING. That tells we the people what we need to know for the next election cycle.

But the Left is doing everything they can. This is why Nancy Pelosi can sit back and scold the President like he’s a petulant child and the media can’t play the video enough times. Maybe, in reality, it is President Pelosi. She’s pulling the strings. It makes sense, as crazy as it sounds. (hint: that was sarcasm, or is it?).

  • Control the information we receive / MSM, Social Media. The so-called “free press” decides what we will read in print, see on TV, hear on the radio or search for on the internet. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a select few control the flow of information, censoring and burying what they deem to be in conflict with their goals.
  • Control the healthcare we receive / Obamacare. We had an imperfect system, that had modern technology and was fairly expensive but you had choices on your doctor, your medical insurance coverage or lack thereof either through your work or a private plan. Poor people had Medicare and emergency rooms were not allowed to refuse medical care to anyone. Now you have minimal choices, you were not allowed to keep your doctor and insurance plan as promised, you’re paying much more for premiums and deductibles and the care is sub-standard compared to what you once received.
  • Control the infrastructure of society / HHS, Federal Judges . If you can do for the people what they can’t or don’t want to do for themselves, a percentage of them will take, simply because it’s there and they are allowed to. Helping people in needs is one thing. But to have decades-old institutions with budgets in the $100’s of billions each year is insanity. Multiple agencies with overlapping mandates and responsibilities, wasting billions and billions. They control the road system, the electrical grid, the information grid, the food chain, the housing, the income via jobs, the travel system, for all of us. And we pay for it.
  • Control the educational system / (NEA/Unions). Thomas Dewey, an avowed atheist, and Progressive Marxist is considered the “Father of Modern Education” in America. As a result of his “enlightened policies” of the 20th century, we’ve witnessed poor academic performance, decreasing test results/scores, high teacher turnover, sub-standard teacher performance, high dropout rates, a politically motivated and ineffective curriculum, rampant drug use, violence is pervasive, sexual activity is out of control, and facilities are in need of repair. The NEA’s fix for all of this is very simple. More money! Better health plans for teachers. Higher pay for teachers (and “educators”). Smaller class size. New schools. Updated curriculum. More $$$, more$$$, more$$$.
  • Control religious influences / SCOTUS, Federal Judges. Remove God from the public square. The only “divine” power is the State. Why else the all-out assault on white Christian men from every corner, ala Kavanaugh? The press invents crimes to persecute Christian children, ala the Covington Catholic children without any verification that the story was true. Hot damn it was white Christian boys wearing them damn red MAGA hats, which everyone knows only Nazis wear, according to the Left. Yet the Left is enamored with the peaceful and tolerant religion known as Islam over all other religions.
  • Control the classes / Political parties, Federal Judges. It’s called “identity politics”, and the Left and Right has mastered it. Divide the people by their religion, social class, culture, dialect, sexual orientation, disability, education, ethnicity, sex, nationality, language, gender identity, generation, occupation, race, profession, political party affiliation, settlement, urban or rural habitation, veteran status, and age. Feed the rage. Foment anger and fear among the groups. Pit them against one another.
  • Control the economy / Congress, IRS, HHS. Keep as many people as possible at or near the poverty level, and then offer them government assistance. Poor people are easier to control and are less likely to attack the source of their survival. Enact punitive tax rates on the working class and rich. If you really wish to accelerate the process, enact punitive taxes on all assets, wherever they are.
  • Control the guns / Congress, SCOTUS, Federal Judges. They must take away our guns. Venezuela is a prime example. Chavez required citizens to turn in their guns, and now 20 years later they’ve got a real bus driver driving them over the economic and societal cliffs. It’s clear to a blind person in a fog that taking the guns away from the citizens is the largest nail in the coffin. After this, resistance is futile.

Control equals power. Power equals self-enrichment. Having power, control and self-enrichment lead to self-aggrandizement. And in case you haven’t noticed our American politicians are a selfish, narcissistic, self-absorbed, arrogant, conceited, egotistical, vain, glory seeking lot.

The Left also has militant wings they use to suppress alternative thought and to “engage the enemy”, i.e. Conservatives, using violence. The Left pays protesters and busses them to marches and rallies to cause trouble. Antifa and BLM and other Left-wing groups are paid to agitate and cause mayhem.

Then, their bought and paid for media blames it all on Conservatives, who just sid on the sidelines and do nothing. Remember the racist, hating, violent youth gang called the Covington Catholic high school children last week? Oh, that’s right. The children were the victims of the real racists and haters. And of course, the media always portrays minorities (real or perceived), Blacks (real or self-identified), illegals (always women w/ children which comprise only 12% of illegals), BLM, and Antifa as perpetual victims of the rich white man on Wall Street or some other never seen, unheard of boogeyman.

Our class of Profession Politicians do not work for we the people. This is the big lie. They work to control us for their benefit, and they’re doing a helluva job of it. They turn into millionaires in a few short years. They give themselves a lifetime golden parachute after one term of service. They have a platinum level health care plan, subsidized by the US taxpayer, and they “fought” to give us Obamacare.

And for the new breed of Democrat Socialist, they haven’t learned from history that Socialism never has worked. All have to do is to open their eyes, read factual news, and look at Venezuela and their 20-year experiment with it. But it looks as if we may find out first hand over the next 20 years.

The Big Lie.

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