Democrats Will Believe Anything That Is Anti-Trump

In Russia this is considered sexy and beautiful. In America this is considered what James Carville says you'll get if you drag a $20 bill through a trailer park. That is an insult to America's trailer park women.

Her name is Anastasia Vashukevich. Not quite a household name, unless you’re a Democrat or another of the anti-Trumpers. And if you are, you surely know and love her as the lying prostitute that said she had proof that Trump colluded with the Kremlin during his 2016 presidential run.

Vashukevich has plied her sex trade all over the globe. She’s been arrested in Thailand and Russia for prostitution. She contacted US authorities while being held in a Thai jail for prostitution charges. She told the Democrats she had proof positive that Trump and Putin were plotting against the US.

She wanted Robert Mueller to come to Thailand and interview her and she promised to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Mueller did not go to Thailand, but several Dems went and others sent emissaries to try and obtain further information from her.

She offered, “In exchange for help from U.S. intelligence services and a guarantee of my safety, I am prepared to provide the necessary information to America or to Europe or to the country which can buy me out of Thai prison.”

“I am the only witness and the missing link in the connection between Russia and the U.S. elections — the long chain of Oleg Deripaska, [Deputy Prime Minister Sergei] Prikhodko, Paul Manafort, and Trump” said the convicted prostitute.

When her story was released, numerous Democrats and their operatives immediately flew to Thailand to interview her, who hoped to glean more information on Trump’s dirty dealings with Putin and the Kremlin. She was offered the world on a platter if she could provide proof of the Trump and Putin plotting, which she said she had on video.

Just as in the Kavanaugh and Covington debacles, the mainstream media ran with the story. All the leftist media covered it for days on end. It was a “bombshell report”, a “game changer”, the “final nail in the coffin of Trump”, a “highly credible and damaging report”. It didn’t matter that it was just words from the mouth of a cheap Russian hooker and known liar, CNN and MSNBC, etc. just couldn’t help themselves.

It was the fall of Trump they were hoping for, and THIS report is surely the one that was going to bring down the orange clown. Except for one little thing, it was 100% false, 100% fake news, and 100% manufactured outrage.

She pleaded with the Americans, telling them that the Russians would kill her if she were returned there. She “knows too much”, according to her. Even the left-wing rag USA Today had reported before her arrest in Thailand that Vashukevich “has admitted that some of her past claims were fabricated.”

Additionally, when CNN went halfway around the world and interviewed her after her allegations went public, they reported that “she failed to provide any evidence” of Trump and Putin or the Kremlin colluding to steal the US election.

And that still did not dissuade them from continuing to carry stories on the “bombshell report” for days and weeks afterward.

So as Anastasia sits in a Thai jail for prostitution, she’s still spreading tales of Putin/Trump taking over the world, hoping that someone, anyone, will listen and buy her way out of jail so she can spread her legs again for fun and profit.

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