Beware the Eloi


They are potentially the most dangerous threat to our nation currently. The Eloi are like robots or drones. They only do what they are told when they are told. They don’t think or act for their own benefit. They are automatons. They only react to the sirens of their masters, the Morlock.

The movie “The Time Machine”, both versions, are classic Americana cinema. The underlying political message could not be any more clear than it is right now. And to those who pooh pooh the message, saying that it could never happen here, you are the same ones that said the same thing about Venezuela when Chavez took over 20 years ago.

They are Democratic Socialists. And they will tell you that Socialism did not fail the people, the people failed Socialism. We should be getting a little used to that “blame them” logic. Hillary Clinton went on a year-long book and speaking tour on how she was cheated out of the Presidency by a diverse contingent of deplorables and irredeemables. But she’s not bitter…

The Morlock are both the DNC and the RNC and the Eloi are their dutiful slaves. They just react as the leadership, of either side, instructs them to. All in unison, all marching to the same drummer, no independent thought or actions. If they are told to throw themselves off the cliff for the good of the collective, they’ll go with a smile on their collective faces.

The Eloi believe they have an idyllic life because the Morlock have always told them that thanks to their protector and savior the Morlock, that their life is idyllic. Well, except for those pesky Conservative free thinkers. They are a danger to the order of the Eloi society, which is why the Morlock goes to such great lengths to demonize and erase all Conservatives and all facets of their decadent culture which worships freedom and liberty.

As the Morlock have a majority of the state print media, state social media, state network TV media, and state cable/satellite news under their umbrella, they have a powerful and compelling voice. If all the Eloi hear and see are the same lies, from multiple state outlets, day after day, you might begin to believe them. And the Eloi do believe them.

No matter how outlandish, bizarre, non-sensical or any other adjective a state manufactured narrative or crisis may be, the Eloi believe the Republicrats and the state media. It’s all they know. It was indoctrinated into them during their 12+ years of “education” in the state schools.

The Eloi will act extremely gracious and kind to you. They will probe your psyche to discover your political leaning, which with their limited intellect won’t be a very long or deep probe. You see, their only measure of a man or a woman is their political view. They consider it the window into your soul. It’s a gimme to them.

If you are deemed a deplorable or irredeemable, or even worse, a white Christian male, they will call you a Nazi, a racist, a homophobe, a sexist, a xenophobe, a hater, a deplorable, an irredeemable, and an Islamophobe. they’ll shame you, dox you, hound you and your family and friends until you off yourself, of course for the good of the collective.

They will try to take your job and home away from you. They’ll try to keep you from purchasing gasoline and groceries. They’ll stop you from eating in restaurants and from taking your kids to the movie theater. All because you don’t think in lockstep with the rest of the Eloi.

The Morlock commands you.

Listen and obey.

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