Voter Fraud: Myth or Reality (Texas)


The Democrat Party of America repeatedly lies and says there is no such thing as voter fraud, period, end of story. There never has been anyone that successfully voted illegally, ever in US history. It’s a myth propagated by the evil, wicked, mean and nasty racist Conservatives to keep black people on the plantation.

Tell that to the people of Texas. This past Friday, Texas Secretary of State David Whitley revealed that an internal audit identified approximately 58,000 non-citizens that actually voted in one or more elections in Texas, illegally.

They actually identified 98,000 non-US citizens that have a matching voter registration record in Texas. Sources report that it seems that all 98,000 are registered as Democrats. In the State of Texas, it is a felony to vote when you know you are not eligible. This includes 100% of illegal aliens and/or immigrants.

Yet they did. How many voted in California where every third person is an illegal alien?

And there are another 48 states that also have illegals residing in them, well another 55 according to Obama, but he’s not in charge any longer.

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