They Just Can’t Help Themselves


The old saying says there are 3 kinds of lies. Lies, damned lies, and statistics. Allow us to add the 4th kind, CNN lies, to the group. It’s not that they lie about everything, they don’t. But they do lie about everything related to politics to the benefit of the Socialists over their enemy, Conservatism.

Everyone knows that Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is a Democrat. That’s why there has been that large “D” behind his name for years and years. But when CNN reports about Northam’s blackface/racism scandal, they list him as a Republican.

CNN identifies Ralph Northam (D-VA), Democrat Governor of Virginia as a Republican.
They also identify Elizabeth Warren as Native American and Rachel Dolezal as Black.
TOP ROW: We have (L to R) a white, a black, a white, a black, and a Native American.
But CNN has reported on, talked to, or interviewed the people on the bottom row and
identifies them as a (L to R) a white, a black, a white, a black and a Native American.

The bottom row is David Webb (2 black parents), Sean King (2 white parents), Hillary Clinton (2 white parents), Rachel Dolezal (2 white parents), and Elizabeth Warren (2 white parents). Yet CNN identifies Webb as white, King as black, Clinton as a human, Dolezal as black and Warren as Native American.

They wouldn’t want to taint their Socialist brand by having to report on a Democrat being racist haters, so they just change his political party. They are really not to blame, their viewership is so easily manipulated, it’s just too damn easy to lie and get away with it as they are never called out on it by the rest of the mainstream media.

This is why nobody with an ounce of intelligence or intellectual honesty takes anything on CNN seriously. It’s not a serious network. No reason to beat the dead horse. You already know what they are, fake news.

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