WaPo Spends $5.25 Million to Tell Us They Aren’t Biased


If they weren’t biased, they wouldn’t have had to take out a $5.25 million dollar ad, narrated by actor Tom Hanks, to try and convince us that they are the true source of facts and truth on the planet. If it weren’t such a lame, pathetic attempt to convince us, it would be laughable.

But they did spend $5.25 million, they take out the ad, and they are biased against everything Trump, everything conservative, and anything that is even slightly pro-American or pro-WCM (white Christian male).

Their ad tells us the importance of a “free press” and mentions several journalists who were wounded or killed covering news, and one that was killed because of his political shenanigans and ties to terrorists. But this was just another “fake news” story from WaPo. They’ve not printed anything even remotely newsworthy for years and are at the forefront of “manufacturing news” in America.

They’ve proven they hate Trump and conservatives almost as much as the NYT and CNN, and are willing to print totally salacious and false stories about both, while ignoring newsworthy stories that deserve to be reported on.

WaPo is the Socialist leader of the “Russian/Trump” collusion narrative, gleefully lying and manufacturing fake news to damage our nation and our government. But they’ll have to spend another $50 million before they can even start to repair the damage to their lack of credibility.

So WaPo, you have a reputation that you’ll never be able to escape from. When you lie, again and again, refuse to be intellectually honest, assist the deep state in undermining our President/Government, it’s difficult to think of you as a legitimate news organization because you are not.

Sadly, we cannot even trust Fox News any longer as they now employ numerous Progressives who infuse their opinion and biases into their reporting. Soon all the Conservatives will be gone from Fox also, leaving no independent major news sources for Americans to choose from.

And while WaPo was spending what they say was $5.25 million, and others say was closer to $10 million, they have fired and/or are going to let go 2,100 writers, editors and reporters from their gaggle of news outlets they control.

They are firing 250 staffers working at Vice Media, 450 at McClatchy News, approx. 15% of BuzzFeed’s workforce and approximately 400 jobs in the Gannett company, which incidentally owns more than 1,000 newspapers across the country. Can anyone say monopoly?

Yet they can blow up to $10 million on a Super Bowl ad. Go figure.

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