Societal Appropriation


If you were to be intellectually honest with yourself, or educate yourself to the facts, the Democrat Party is the party of division, hate, misogyny, racial discrimination, abortion, illegal immigration, sanctuary cities, open borders and fake news.

The Democrat women were wearing all white to stand firm with the suffragette movement, which is in stark contrast to their Party’s long term opposition to giving women the right to vote.

Republican women were the Suffragette Movement. They were the ones that fought for equal rights for women. The Democrat women believed that they belonged in the kitchen and the bedroom and that blacks belonged on the plantation.

As SiriusXM radio host Andrew Wilkow so eloquently stated, “The last time you saw this many Democrats wearing white, they all had hoods on”. And that’s a lot closer to the truth that most Democrats are willing to admit.

For historical reference for you Liberals, the white supremacist group called the KKK, founded and funded, then and now, by Southern Democrats, wore white hoods while they held their racist rallies and lynchings. The Democrats fought tooth and nail against giving blacks civil rights.

The Republicans, being at the forefront of the civil rights movement along with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., were a target of the KKK for decades.

So the radical Democrats are now appropriating the Suffragette movement, which they opposed, just as they hijacked the Civil Rights movement.

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