When Is Sexual Assault Not Sexual Assault?


Do we all remember Republican Brett Kavanaugh and his “sexual assault” moment? Three women made up ludicrous accusations of gang rapes, druggings, forcible rapes, and never was one scintilla of proof offered up as evidence.

Only unfounded accusations with no video, no witnesses, zero evidence. And yet the Leftist media screamed from the heavens for his head to be taken off. He was guilty as accused, even as each woman’s story quickly fell apart, the media refused to report on the facts, instead relying on emotion and lies to inflame the masses.

The media found Kavanaugh’s accusers “highly credible”, “believable”, “unwavering in their courage”, “speaking out even though it puts their lives in danger”, among other platitudes.

But as we’ve seen the past few days, when a Democrat sexually abuses and/or assaults a woman, it is not sexual assault. It’s a mistake, a lie, a miscommunication, etc.

No, a rape is a rape, no matter who commits it, even if he’s the Lt. Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, where evidently it’s required to wear blackface to be a member of the Democrat party.

Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax has been accused of sexually assaulting a college professor, Vanessa Tyson, at the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston. Fairfax was working for disgraced Sen. John Edwards at the time and was volunteering at the convention.

And when the report came out a couple of days ago, Fairfax’s initial response was apologetic, heartfelt and sincere, and quite moving. When told of her report, Fairfax blurted out “Fuck that bitch”. This is not the normal reaction of the classic feminist or their supporters when accused of sexual assault is it?

It is when you’re a Democrat because the media will not report on the allegations against you, and if they do, they’ll smear the accuser. Tyson has released a detailed account of what happened to her, to which the media says “is unbelievable”, “not credible”, “possibly delusional”. Why the reticence to be intellectually honest?

Shouldn’t this have been the time for him to get “in touch” with his feelings or his feminine side and come to grips with the pain and angst he’s caused another human being?

ROFLMAO!!! NO WAY! He’s a Democrat! They never accept responsibility for their actions, they lie, obfuscate, deflect, blame others and then lie again. She says rape/sexual assault, he says consensual sex and the media believes him as being “credible”, not the accuser.

Remember when Democrats told you that you MUST believe any women that make any allegations against any man no matter how far-fetched or crazy it sounds? We do, that was the Brett Kavanaugh fiasco where the accusers were not only believed but given the royal treatment by the press and the Democrats. They were given a Congressional hearing and an FBI investigation because they demanded it, even though they were lying.

And were any of them ever prosecuted for lying to Congress, lying to the FBI, lying to the police or lying to the American people? Not a one. Even though manufactured lies almost brought down a SCOTUS Justice, the Left swept it all under the rug using their media, FBI and DOJ.

But now, the media is questioning why Ms. Tyson didn’t report it earlier? What was she hiding? Did she make it all up? Why did she wait 14 years? It’s odd that they never questioned Blasey-Ford about why she didn’t call the police earlier and why she waited 40 years!

Different standards for R’s and D’s. That is the logical conclusion.

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