The Truth In 15 Minutes


Lin Wood has produced this video to show America how dishonest the media and Democrats in general are. The media can take a video of anything and create a narrative of lies and hate when there was none. CNN is still airing the 20-second video to attempt to convince you that the Catholic children are lying.

Remember, the media swears that these Covington Catholic high school children surrounded some black people and made fun of them and then threatened them before surrounding a Native American man and threatening his life.

They took 20 seconds of video and used it to create a narrative of hate, racial division, and white privilege by a bunch of hopped up racist Trump supporters who were assaulting and accosting innocent people. And the entire MSM dove in head first without first seeing how deep the water was, as usual, if it will denigrate or harm white people or Trump supporters or the military.

The full video reveals The Truth In 15 Minutes. Take the time to see what the media does to the truth.

Please, after watching this video, check out this article at by Ellyn Santiago on Feb. 4, 2019, weeks after this alleged hate crime. As you can see, the media is still perpetuating total fabrications, and even further embellishing the illustrious or disastrous career of Nathan Phillips.

Hopefully and Ms. Santiago are being sued also by the lawyers of the Covington Children. This is wrong on so many levels…..

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