Stupid or Lying? Yes.


Well known and internationally recognized brain scientist and rocket surgeon, the inimitable Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), has once again regaled us with her infinite wisdom.

This elected official, a Congresswoman no less, has ZERO idea how our government works. This is what happens when you spend the past 10 years working as a barmaid, twerking, and drinking.

She tweeted that her For The People Act would expand Americans’ access to the ballot box, reduce the influence of big money in politics and strengthen the ethics rules for public servants and that her bill had “passed the House” and went on to the Senate.

How is it that this barmaid or barista, or whichever she was (both?) does not understand the ground-level working of her job? This is akin to someone asking their bartender for a Scotch and water and receiving a Corona with a lime wedge. And this woman wants to run for President already? Now that would be funny, if she weren’t the new leader and moral authority of the DNC.

Only¬†this time she’s not quite grasped the simple fact that introducing a bill in the House is just a little different than actually getting it passed in the House. The bill which was introduced on Jan. 3rd hasn’t yet been brought to the House floor and is actually still sitting in committee.

But that doesn’t prevent AOC from lying about it though. Maybe, and we stress maybe, in time she’ll grasp the nuances of her job. Or not.

Or better yet, she could shut her big mouth and attached ego and listen and learn from those around her who actually know something, anything, about how the system works.

Eventually, after thousands of people corrected the Congresswoman, she issued a “correction” that negated her initial statement in totality, making her look even more uneducated, more unprepared, and not nearly as intelligent as she tells us she is. Remember, Ms. “Just Pay For It” is proud of her 2 degrees, one of which is in economics.

And Trump is right, America will NEVER be a Socialist country, especially with the likes of this Socialist moron at the helm. The Tree of Liberty folks, the Tree of Liberty.

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