Final Score: Trump 10,000 ~ Pepe 300


Trump Wins! What had been touted as being a massive show of anti-Trumpism and the rebuke of a sitting President turned out to be a good old fashioned ass whooping on an epic scale. And yes, it was a grand and glorious sight to witness.

It’s not that Trump “won” per se, it’s that Pepe… Paco… or whatever he calls himself, was so pathetic and lame. It was all the articles and segments on the various media outlets beating the drum for Pepe and for his minions to come out and support their leader and how Pepe’s rally would be the definitive life-changing event for America.

And support him they did, all 300 of them, and they were carrying flags. Not American flags, they were carrying Mexican flags. Failed Senatorial candidate Robert Francis “Pepe” O’Rourke, the fake Hispanic Irishman wannabe Senator and now wannabe President, was only able to draw an estimated 200-300 people to his rally, and they were there to support Mexico, not the US. And to be honest, from the size of the crowd, the estimates were extremely generous.

Numerous leftist media outlets have reported that 10,000-15,000 attended O’Rourke’s
rally in El Paso. There were under 300 people at his rally. Photos don’t lie.

The rally had been billed basically as the Second Coming of the Savior of the Democrat Party. The rally that would turn the tables on the President’s rally. The rally that would show America that border people hated Trump and didn’t want a wall.

Even if the Democrats would have paid 300 of their Antifa thugs to attend and attack people, it wouldn’t have created a ripple.

So Pepe will run for President alongside Joe, Alexandria, Kamala, Ilhan, Cory, Bernie, Hillary, Elizabeth, Amy, Sherrod, Eric, Michael, Steve, John, Terry, the other John plus other assorted Socialists that will end up throwing their hats into the ring as well.

MSNBC personalities were extremely “worried” for Trump because this was “Pepe’s” hometown, he’s “Hispanic” in a Hispanic town, he’s got the pulse of the people here. One opined, “What if Beto gets a bigger crowd?” Another replied, “That’s what I’m wondering, who did the advance planning for this? Who said go to El Paso, Texas, where you’re overwhelmingly unpopular, where you’ve already been caught lying about the crime numbers and where Beto O’Rourke might have a counter? The split screen, if he (Trump) gets a bigger crowd, that’s the coin of the realm in Trump land”.

Again, the Final Score was Trump 10,000 – Pepe 300. For those of you educated in public schools, that is 53 times as many people attended Trump’s rally as attended Pepe’s rally. In other words, the hometown boy got his ass handed to him.

The photo above is only a part of one side of the building. There is another side full of people
and the floor was full of people and outside were several thousand more people. Yet the
mainstream media is reporting that “maybe” 7,000 attended Trump’s El Paso rally.

And for those of you who live in lala land or the Progressive’s alternate universe, B*******g N**s estimated Pepe’s rally drew 10,000-15,000 people and Trump’s drew under 7,000. Photos don’t lie, and the photos are in contrast to their estimate.

To be fair there were several thousand outside the building and inside the building there were 10,000 according to the Fire Marshal.

Pepe and the Democrat party and their Socialist platform is a sure winner it seems. Go Socialists!

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