Smolletts Needs To Tell The Truth

2 Trump Supporting Racist / Homophobic White dudes that didn't like "Empire" wearing ski masks, gloves and MAGA hats and carrying a noose and a bottle of bleach. If you've seen these two men please call the Chicago Police Dept. immediately.

Jussie Smolletts, who accused two white Trump supporters wearing ski masks and gloves, of beating him to a pulp, fracturing his rib, putting a noose around his neck and of pouring bleach on him has finally provided police with a transcript of his phone records.

But they are heavily redacted, so they are essentially worthless. Smolletts has told police that he was on his phone with his agent at the time he was attacked and his manager confirmed he heard some “white men scream MAGA country” at Smollets. But Smollets had refused to provide his phone or phone records for proof of the time of the attack, and possibly to help in nailing down the location.

The thing is, the transcripts raise more questions than they answer. They are so heavily redacted there is virtually no usable information on them. Common sense, if it were to prevail, would dictate that if Smolletts could prove the time and place of his attack by providing his phone, he’d do it in a New York…err a Chicago minute. But he didn’t, and when he did they were not useful at all.

And now the Chicago Police have issued a statement: “We are very appreciative of the victim’s cooperation however the records provided do not meet the burden for a criminal investigation as they were limited and heavily redacted,” said Chicago Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi in a statement. “Detectives may be following up with him to request additional data to corroborate the investigative timeline.”

Add to this the facts that:

  • Immediately after being attacked, Smolletts went to his condo, still carrying his Subway sandwich and passed the doorman to his building without reporting an attack. He must have really been hungry to have recovered his sandwich after having had a rib broken.
  • He waited another 40 minutes before he checked himself into a hospital. But we’ve always assumed that it was a Doctor that decided whether or not to check a person into the hospital.
  • When he left the hospital he reported that he had been beaten up by two white racist Trump supporters who yelled “aren’t you that faggot Empire nigger” and yelled “MAGA country” and “Make America Great Again” at him. They then poured bleach on him and put a noose around his neck, then beat and kicked him savagely. (Bleach freezes at 19°, it was -10° without the wind chill, -30° with the wind chill at the time of the alleged attack).
  • Smollett’s recanted the “broken rib” portion of his story days later. If he had had a broken rib, it would have been impossible for him to perform days later as he did, but it took him a week to figure that out, and when he did, he changed his story.
  • Why would two white racist Trump supporters wander around Chicago at 2am, on the coldest day of the winter, with a wind chill of -30°, with a complete “Racial Hate Crime Do-It-Yourself Kit” and be looking for a specific actor that not that many people have ever heard of to beat up?
  • Why doesn’t Smolletts want the police to have his phone records to prove who, or if, he was talking to on his phone as he stated.
  • Why did he wait 40 minutes to go to the hospital?
  • Why did he wait to call the police?
  • Why is he not screaming about his attackers not only not having been arrested, but not even identified or found on video at any time that evening in the area? There is significant video surveillance coverage of the area entire area from the Subway to Smollett’s condo building.

Truth be told, the alleged racial hate crime never happened. He totally made it up to explain his scrapes/bruises, probably from a fight with a boyfriend? He just knew that if he used enough of the dog whistle terms for the Socialist media that he’d kill two birds with one stone.

White guys wearing ski masks and glove. White guys carrying bleach and a noose. White guys looking for a black man to randomly attack. White guys yelling “MAGA country” and “Make America Great Again”.

But by using those terms, he’d be relevant and on the front page of the news. He’d be the MAN! He’d have notoriety. He’d get sympathy. Maybe a GoFundMe account? Secondly, he could further attempt to damage Trump’s credibility and the credibility of his knuckle dragging supporters in particular.

Also, if they attacked him in the dark, at 2am, poured bleach on him, beat him up, put a noose around his neck, broke his rib while they were wearing ski masks and gloves, how does he know they were white?

Was it their voices? If so then he is a racist and is racial profiling because we don’t all sound alike Jussie. And how was he able to protect his Subway sandwich while he was being savagely pummelled? And how could he even remember to retrieve it with a broken rib, facial lacerations, bruises and the trauma of almost being killed?

This is not a real story/crime. It’s just a manufactured story of a fake hate crime being blamed on the President’s supporters, and as of today, the 12th of February, many media outlets are still carrying the story and followup as it being an actual hate crime.

And the Chicago Police are afraid to man up and charge him with filing a false hate crime report because he’s black and he’s gay.

That is the real crime.

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