Two Questions… Why???


New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez is blaming President Trump for making it a “crime” for illegal aliens to be arrested for DUIs. So he wants the NJ legislature to “decriminalize” DUI’s for illegals, but not for NJ or other American citizens.

This coming on the heels of the New Jersey governor initiating a “rain tax” on the citizens of New Jersey. Yep, if it rains your taxes go up. The more it rains, the more they go up.

This will be a very short article, so let’s recap.

If it rains in New Jersey, the government will tax the people. Rain=$$$. Why?

If an El Salvadoran or Venezuelan illegal alien gets drunk and decides to drive and he runs into a car, let’s say YOUR car, with YOUR wife and children in it, and kills all of them, it’s no biggie. Don’t worry about it. They’ll ticket them possibly but will not press criminal charges. They will not “criminalize” these gentlemen for the remainder of their lives. Why?

But if YOU, an American citizen gets a DUI, they’ll throw the full force and weight of the government against you and you may be a convicted felon. They will be happy to “criminalize” you for the rest of your life.

The New Jersey government has decided that they will not do anything about it because the driver is the real victim here as they are oppressed in their home countries or some other Socialist blather.

Think about that New Jersey voters. You voted these people into office. You can sure as hell vote them out.

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