The Difference Between Evil and Good


Set off Democrats and they may:
– Beat you up.
– Try to kill you.
– Threaten you at your home and try to break in.
– Refuse to serve you at their place of business.
– Break in and destroy your place of business.
– Send you and your family envelopes and packages with deadly stuff inside.
– Threaten your employer’s safety until they fire you.
– Surround you in restaurants or movie theaters and scream and curse at you.
– Send their Antifa or BLM goons to further “indoctrinate” you into the doctrine known as Socialism.
– Dox you online.
– Key your car or break your windows for having a MAGA sticker.
– Threaten your children’s safety at school.

Set off Republicans and they may:
– Call you out for your actions.
– Ignore you.
– Apologize to you for offending you and then offer you puppies and play dough to assuage your hurt wittle feewings.
– Engage you and debate from a different point of view.
– Do nothing because they realize Democrats/Socialists are undereducated, incapable of independent thought/actions and are merely automatons that parrot the daily talking points of the DNC.

Does anyone see any difference in how the two different mindsets of people react differently to situations?

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