Police Are Forced To Arrest Jussie Smollett Even Though They Didn’t Want To


The Chicago Police Department, known more for taking naps on the clock and covering up crimes rather than solving them was not even considering charging Smollett for his crimes it seems. They were hoping that it would just “go away”. Smiles to everybody! No problem here folks, move along…

Jussie didn’t REALLY mean that 2 white racist Trump supporters beat him up, broke his rib, poured bleach on him and tried to “lynch” him. He was just kidding. Or maybe he misspoke? Or he could have been misquoted, yeah, that’s it. The police misquoted him!

But now, the Chicago Police have been forced to arrest Smollett for filing a false crime report, mainly due to the public outcry for the truth. The evidence leaves no wiggle room as Smollett himself has made this story the “Story of the Year”. He took it upon himself to lie about, and smear all white people as racists. And we don’t appreciate it, and we want him prosecuted the same way he was willing to have two innocent white guys prosecuted.

Smollet is the racist, the bigot, the hater, the liar, not the victim as he portends to be. He paid the two black men (not white men) to slightly beat him, pour bleach on him and then Jussie put the rope around his neck for good measure, because we all know white peoples carry rope with them and attempt to lynch blacks everywhere, everyday, all the time, right?

Why did he do this? He was supposedly an “acclaimed black gay” actor. No one ever claimed John Wayne was an “acclaimed white heterosexual” actor everytime his name was mentioned, did they? I don’t ever remember that, so why is it so relevant to mention his race and his sexual proclivities every time you mention his name?

Smollett also was a singer and a musician with a somewhat promising career ahead of him in the gay music community. Of course, this won’t hurt that portion of his career, and will more than likely jump start it, but his mainstream acting and musical career are history.

We really don’t care if he’s black, purple, white, orange or green. We don’t care if he’s gay, straight, tranny, or married to a puppy. It’s NOT RELEVANT to the crimes he has committed, which by the way was a HATE CRIME. He was willing to send two white men, any two white men, to prison to further enhance his career and his standing in the “gay black” community as a Trump hating, white hating racist.

And his reasoning was as flawed as his “attack plan”. He believed that he wasn’t “getting enough attention” from you average Americans, and he truly believes he is relevant to American society. We just can’t get enough Jussie! Really? I had never even heard of him before he came out and filed a fake hate crime report.

And just yesterday (2/20/19) Smollett was still on TV crying, pleading, demanding that people believe he is 100% totally innocent. He’s alluded to his suspicion that Trump sent out two white guys to actually kill/lynch him because he’s been “hard on 45”, or is that you’ve got a “hard-on for 45” Jussie? You yourself proclaim to be a “proud gay black man”, so we’ve got to wonder.

But for an “innocent guy”, Jussie has got an awful lot of legal and crisis intervention representation going on. Seriously, I’m 100% totally innocent and I don’t have multiple lawyers and a crisis management team. And being innocent, why would I need them since I’ve done nothing?

Smollett now has people out there lamenting how this was actually just an exercise to wake up the people about Trump’s hateful and divisive rhetoric. He thought he was providing a public service for America and doing the right thing to counteract Trump and his racist, white supremacist, MAGA agenda.

His people are serious in asking how can anyone blame HIM for what he did? He was trying to protect America, protect YOU. It was a selfless act. He did this for you, for me, for all of us. He may have just saved America. JUSSIE FOR PRESIDENT!

And I’m sure that put the fear of God into the President. I mean to have THE Jussie Smollett curse at you and call you names… I can’t imagine the pain… He may even have hurt the President’s wittle feewings. Oh the humanity…

We know this article has been a total downer for Smollett’s fans, lovers, husbands, boyfriends, etc., so please allow us to lift your spirits. If and when Jussie goes to jail, think of all the benefits he will enjoy in prison:

  • Jussie will never be forced to leave his home at 2 am, in sub-zero temperatures no less, to walk to Subway to purchase a sandwich.
  • Jussie will have all the potential boyfriends/husbands/lovers he can handle, all within his grasp. No more “seeking” ads for Jussie.
  • Tuesday night is Tag Team Shower Night, bending over encouraged.
  • Jussie will no longer have to waste money on a “Crisis Management Team”.
  • Jussie will not have to fear “red hats” any longer.
  • Jussie will know who the white supremacists are and where they are at.
  • And these are but a few of the benefits Jussie Smollett will enjoy in the Illinois State Prison system.

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