Jussie Smollett Arrested – Proclaims Innocence


Was he really set up by “45”? His lawyers proclaim he is innocent and is looking forward to proving it in court. If so, they why did he not turn himself in to the police earlier? If he is so proud of his gayness, his blackness, and his innocence, they why skulk around in a dirty hoodie and tennis shoes instead of a $3,000 Armani suit and $1200 Bolvaint shoes.

Surely you weren’t trying to “lay low” in your innocence were you Jussie? You regaled us with tales of how you hit the little bitch racist white Trump supporters in the face when they attacked you, and how brave you were in fighting them off, and how you walked yourself to the hospital with a broken rib.

We commend you Jussie. Your courage, bravery and sheer humanity is a neverending inspiration to us all and it was on display for all to see that Tuesday. Because after all that had happened to you on that morning, in -30° windchill, you still had the clearness of mind and tenacity to retrieve your Subway sandwich and take it home and eat it before going to the hospital or calling the police. God bless you son, God bless you. You are more man than most of us can ever hope to be.

Jussie Smollett behind bars. We thought we’d better put this out because
we’ll never actually see him spend any time behind bars.

But you are a liar. You were not attacked. You paid to have two black friends to stage the attack. You sent yourself a “racist threat letter” several days before the staged attack. The staged attack was mounted because you didn’t think the “fake hate letter” got a proper response from the police, the FBI, and the media, so you make sure they paid attention the next time.

And finally, after 4 weeks, they decided the public was so pissed off that something had to be done. Either arrest two random white guys that couldn’t prove where they were that morning, or arrest the man that actually committed a hate crime, Jussie Smollett.

Thankfully, and somewhat surprisingly, they opted for the latter. Now, why they did is the mystery of the moment. The police chief of the Chicago Police Department flat out said he doesn’t think Jussie should be punished in any substantive way. He should just “apologize” and “offer up what he should offer up”, i.e. $$$$, and that is “absolute justice”.

As we’ve stated all along since it was reported, Jussie orchestrated it, and we knew he’d eventually be caught and get his requisite slap on the wrist. Nothing was ever going to be done to him, and everyone knew from the get go he was behind it. Welcome to the new Socialist, diverse, inclusive, land of identity politics known as America.

According to the police, the reason for the attack and the letter Smollett sent to Fox were to garner sympathy and/or awareness of a brave, gay, black man that was simply fighting the fight against the oppressive white man.

But then, this is the same police that says to let him off with a fine and an apology. No reason to punish him for something he actually did.

Save punishment for Kavanaugh, who did nothing wrong. Save punishment for the Covington Catholic High School children, who did nothing wrong. Save punishment for the Duke Lacrosse team, who did nothing wrong.

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