The Corrupt and Racist NFL Sucks – HELLO Alliance of American Football!


Exactly when did the NFL become a social justice and immigrant advocacy group and stop being sports/entertainment medium? For decades America was fine with paying exorbitant prices for tickets, parking, sodas, nachos, beer, popcorn and hotdogs because we got to go watch our favorite football players go at each other in the effort to WIN the game.

But now, the players are telling us what sort of behavior they expect from us in our personal lives. They tell us the National Anthem is a racist, bigoted, war mongering symbol, as is the US Flag. They call for the people to rise up in civil disobedience against the police and to confront white people for their “white privilege”.

But aren’t they just football players that spent an average of 6 years in college to get a degree in something, and that WE are paying over $100 a ticket to see at games? Plus $25 for parking? Plus food and beverages? So why do they attack their paycheck, which is us?

How many of you love men that beat women? How many of you love drug addicts? How many of you love steroid eating racists that denigrate the US Flag, are contemptuous of white people and want the police dead? How many of you are happy that the NFL decides which teams play in the Super Bowl rather than allowing the teams to FAIRLY decide the winners?

That is the National Football League, where the officials decide whether or not a player can be happy that his team scored, but more importantly, the officials in the NFL now decide which teams will play in the Super Bowl. Whereas the best teams in the league used to battle it out on the gridiron, now the NFL allows the referees to make, or not make as it were, game-deciding calls that determine who the “best” teams are.

This was never more apparent than at the end of the playoff game this year when the Saints had the game taken from them because the NFL wanted a big market team, i.e. the Rams, to win instead of the small market Saints. There is no other explanation for the inexplicable non-call that a hundred million or more people saw, except for the ones that matter, the REFEREES!

This is corruption, plain and simple, at the highest levels of the NFL, from the top down. There is just no way that all the refs missed a helmet on helmet hit seconds before the ball arrived at the receiver. They ignored it, not missed it. There is no way they could have missed it. It was pre-ordained that the big market team, the LA Rams, were picked to win the game by the NFL.

Should we tell you how we really feel about you and your National Felons League Goodell?

If you support the NFL, you are supporting all of the above bad behavior and much more. The black players, or most of them at least, have taken a stand against the fans, and they didn’t have to “kneel” to stand against us. They don’t want the National Anthem played before games. They don’t want to stand for the National Anthem if it is played.

They want to protest the fact that 4th string QB can’t get a starting job in the NFL. They want to protest police officers doing their jobs. They seem to want white people to stop coming to games as we are inherently racists and are merely enjoying our “white privilege”. They want “income equality” for other blacks, while they make tens of millions a year.

They want social justice for blacks (i.e. no jail time for committing felonies) and are supporters of open borders, just like the other Socialists. They don’t want the American flag present at games, in America! They want their reparations for slavery. The list of “gimmes” goes on and on.

But fortunately, we now have an option, and they DO stand for the National Anthem, and they DO want white people supporting their teams, and the DO want police to do their job and they DO want the flag flown high at games.

It’s called the Alliance of American Football. Proudly American, not ashamed of America as NFL’ers are. They want to play for all fans, not just black ones. They are not racist, they’ll accept everyone’s money. They will stand for the anthem before games. They will never protest the Flag or cops or white people.

The NFL and America has protected this “special” group of criminals for far too long. They are allowed to rob, rape, pillage, murder, steal, do drugs, beat women, and commit dozens of other crimes and they are rarely held accountable for their actions.

We, as Americans LOVE our American football, but what we’ve been given is a platter full of felons on a pedestal making millions while they sit there and denigrate many of the fans, calling them racists among other unsavory names.

And when America called the NFL and the players out on it, and asked them to stop protesting the Flag and the police and to stand for the National Anthem, what did they do? They gave us a huge middle finger and told us to go f*** ourselves.

Well guess what NFL? We’ve decided to take your advice and take our business elsewhere, where it’s wanted. Bye Bye NFL.

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