Hate Crime Hoaxing For Fun and Profit


The best way to perpetuate a fake hate crime is to be well prepared. First, read our award-winning, bestselling book, the original “Fake Hate Crime Do It Yourself Guide™”. This guide contains all the information you’ll need to know to put the hurt on some of those Trumpies, Conservatives, or whites.

The softcover binder sized guide sells for a meager $49.95 + S&H.

If you care about your reputation as a fake crime hoaxer, then you need the “Fake Hate Crime Do It Yourself Guide™” and the “Hate Crime Hoax Kit™”

Secondly, we recommend that you purchase the essential “Fake Hate Crime DIY Kit™” which contains ski mask, gloves, caustic liquid container, magic marker, knife, fork, sandpaper, a length of rope and a sample noose. Everything you need to take some of those MAGA Country people down!

Then you need the perfect location. No cameras. No legitimate news sources. Democrat controlled city. Corrupt, inefficient or incompetent police department. Purchase our “Fake Hate Crime Do It Yourself Guide™” for more operational hints on planning your adventure.

Of course, you can forego the “Hate Crime DIY Kit™” and just commit your fake hate crime on a college campus where the police are trained to protect the fake hate crime reportees from the realities of their actions. Committing a fake hate crime on a college campus is a 100% sure-fire way to NOT be charged, and to get mega-coverage on CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WaPo, etc. for the Social Justice agenda you’re promoting.

We do recommend purchasing our new and improved Fake Hate Crime DIY Kit™ for only $159.95 + S&H. It contains everything you’ll need to plan, execute, and more than likely get away with your hate crime.

Purchase 1 “Fake Hate Crime Kit” for $159.95 + S&H and receive our “Fake Hate Crime DIY Guide” for FREE! Purchase 2 “Fake Hate Crime Kits” and receive the 3rd one for FREE (separate S&H applies). BONUS cold and water-resistant carrying case included with each kit. Great for those wet, windy, below zero nights when out trolling for Trumpies to hoaxify.

CONSUMER SAFETY NOTICE: The Hate Crime Hoax Kit™ is not a toy. It is meant to be used responsibly by adults, or by children with adult supervision, and is only to be used against Trump supporters (including anyone wearing a red hat), Conservatives, or White people in general.

Your Fake Hate Crime DIY Kit™ includes:

  • Your own personalized copy of the bestselling, the Original “Fake Hate Crime Do It Yourself Guide™” with special chapters on “Lying to the Police”, “How to Blame Whitey”, “Fooling the Media & Politicians in 3 Easy Steps”, “100 Ways to Denigrate An Entire Group of People” and a special section endorsed by JS himself entitled “How To Cry and Pretend You Hit the Little MAGA Bitch in the Face”, which is especially helpful when you get interviews on all the major cable news networks.
  • 20′ of high tensile strength rope
  • Sample noose (for reference only)
  • Custom Corrosive Liquid Container (we cannot ship corrosive or caustic liquids, but we provide our custom made, caustic liquid safe container that’ll make any fake crime hoaxer proud)
  • Sandpaper so you can create your own custom abrasions/scrapes
  • Plastic fork and knife so you can create your own custom scratches and cuts
  • Small hammer so you may “apply” bruising where required
  • One ski mask (Dual perp kits available)
  • One set of cotton gloves (Dual perp kits available)
  • Magic marker for writing racist slogans and/or trigger words on your body. (Remember to do this BEFORE calling the police or going to the hospital).
  • Instructions on setting up a GoFundMe account to deceive the low information Socialists that rush to judgment with zero facts.
  • SPECIAL BONUS: Order your Kit TODAY and receive a FREE high strength plastic, water resistant, custom carrying case w/handle, to hide and protect your Hate Crime Hoax Kit™. PLUS you’ll receive our bestselling book, the Original “Fake Hate Crime Do It Yourself Guide™” for FREE also!
  • Order your Guide TODAY and receive our new super-secret double-probation book of “1,000 Excuses and Reasons” of why you had to do what you did. absolutely for free, just pay a separate S&H fee.

Remember, YOU are not to blame for anything, EVER. YOU are the VICTIM. It’s all of those Nazi, white supremacist, knuckle dragging, flat-Earther, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, transphobic, Islamophobic, Trump supporting Conservatives that made you do what you did. Embrace it and hate them for existing.

WARNING: Only use the Corrosive Liquid Bottle for its intended purpose.

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