All The News That’s Fit To… Never Mind… We’d Rather Lie!


There is no Russian collusion. This much is clear. Mueller’s long awaited report on “Trump-Russian Collusion”, with it’s myriad of leaks over the years, has not leaked one iota of evidence of said collusion.

This is quite surprising because IF there were evidence, no matter how slight or innocuous, Mueller would have personally leaked it to the media long ago. But not a word. Not a single sentence, other than “we think”, “there could be”, “just because we didn’t find anything doesn’t mean there isn’t anything”, which is nothing more than pure conjecture and guessing.

In the Marines we called that “CYA”.

Yet, the Democrats in Congress say Mueller’s 2+ year investigation was shoddy and incomplete and they must investigate Trump, his family, his friends, his business associates, and anyone that has been within 3-miles of him at some point in their lives.

And who was their first “star” witness with “groundbreaking, bombshell” testimony? Convicted perjurer and admitted liar Michael Cohen, who had worked for Trump for approx. 10 years.

Cohen’s bombshell testimony, that the media refuses to report on, is that he testified that there was NO Russian collusion with Trump, his campaign, himself, or anyone else that he knew of, period. So the Democrats come back at him with “well, Trump or someone in his campaign COULD HAVE spoken to the Russians without your knowledge, correct?” And of course Cohen would answer the obvious “Yes” to this statement/question.

And the media was off and running with the narrative that Cohen testified that Trump “could have” colluded with the Russians, even though Cohen testified to the exact opposite.

To the mainstream media, facts and truth are malleable and fluid. After all, they are only words, and there are thousands of words.

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