Coup D’etat In Motion


There is a movement afoot in the US Government to unseat, legally or otherwise, a sitting US President, Donald J. Trump. Not for high crimes or misdemeanors, but for not being a member of the “swamp”, i.e. the long embedded political class in D.C.

Then candidate Trump and current President Trump had vowed to “drain the swamp”, but it’s stinkier and nastier than ever. Socialist are running amok getting ready to outlaw cars, airplanes, cows, etc. The Democrats are more interested in further investigating Trump and his family than taking care of the business that they were elected by the people to do.

The Epoch Times, a conservative website, has put together a fascinating chart of the Deep State Coup against the President. Click Here for a larger (and readable) version. Opens in a new window.

Click Here to View Full Size (and readable) Version. Courtesy of The Epoch Times.

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