Venezuela and the Myth of Democratic Socialism


The Myth: It’s kind. Gentle. Prosperous for all. Benevolent to those in need. Free education. Free health care. Pensions for everyone. Guaranteed income for everyone. Affordable housing for everyone. Higher standard of living. Lower cost of living. Everyone is fat and happy. There is no poverty. No hunger. No uneducated. No sickness. No misery. No unemployment.

The Facts: It’s brutal. Violent. Poverty for all*. No benevolence*. Poor educational opportunities*. Poor healthcare, if any*. No pensions*. No guaranteed income*. Decrepit housing for all*. Lower standard of living*. Everyone is equally hungry and poor*.
*=Except for the Socialists

Venezuelan citizens scraping trash bags and the bottom of containers for anything edible.
This is Democratic Socialism in its purest form. Everyone equally hungry, poor and desperate.

And Maduro, the Dictator of Venezuela is one of Bernie Sanders’ favorite world leaders. He’s never without a kind and supportive word or words for Maduro and his “kind and gentle” Democratic Socialism. “These days, the American dream is more apt to be realized in South America, in places such as Ecuador, Venezuela and Argentina, where incomes are actually more equal today than they are in the land of Horatio Alger”, said a disgusted Bernie Sanders.

And then there is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the self-proclaimed new “Boss” of the Democrat Party who thinks that since their form of government doesn’t seem to be working, they should try good old fashioned Socialism. Hellooooo…. Knock Knock…. Wake up “Alex from the Bronx”. Hellooooo???

Venezuelans picking through rotten garbage seeking food scraps to feed their families.

Since the entirety of the American Left has now grasped Socialism as their mantra and is calling for a radical transformation, within 10 years, to an all-out Communistic/Totalitarian society, maybe they should actually take off the rose-colored glasses and see Venezuela for what is it, another failed Socialist state.

But this time we’ve seen Venezuela decline step by Socialist step into poverty, violence, and anarchy and it’s not a pretty sight. And this happened without the influence of open borders and unfettered immigration as the Socialists in America are clamoring for.

Yet, while daily average Americans see the disintegration of Venezuela on the TV daily, our professional class of politicians don’t seem to have the same channels we do. They see Venezuela as a model for the future. A vision to build on. With Obama at the helm.

The Great Divider

There is really no reason to even go through, once again, exactly how Venezuela went from the richest country in South America to the poorest in 20 years. We’ve seen it happen before our very eyes. SOCIALISM is the reason.

You can read several earlier articles we’ve written about its demise and the myriad of causes, all of which could have easily been avoided. Man’s greed and vanity again wreaked havoc on an entire population of people. When will humans learn?

One question: If Socialism is the answer, how stupid was the question?

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