See Me – Touch Me – Feel Me Is Just A Song Joe – Not Words To Live By!


To the uninitiated, it may seem that Biden has “loose hands” at the least or is a serial child abuser at the worst. Let the tale of the tape tell it. It doesn’t lie. It doesn’t rationalize. It doesn’t obfuscate. It doesn’t spin it. It doesn’t sugarcoat it. It is what it is. Please watch the video below, if you can.

Not for those easily offended. This is some sicko stuff from the former VP of Obama.

OK, now go take a long hot shower with lots and lots of soap so you can get all the scum off of you after watching that abomination. And to think that this is what Biden did while he was Vice President of the US.

How warped does his boss have to be to hire him knowing what he was? It’s been common knowledge for a couple of decades. The pols don’t take their kids around Creepy Joe do they? There’s a reason for that. Watch the video.

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