Still No Collusion

This is the "most honest and credible" witness that Congress could find to testify against the President? A man convicted of perjury, lying to the IRS, tax fraud, making false statement to obtain loans, and has been disbarred from practicing law.

For all the pomp and circumstance surrounding the supposed conspiracy between Trump and Putin to take over the world, it’s really pretty lame isn’t it? Between them they have the two most powerful military’s the Earth has ever witnessed, and they’re impotent?

Well, that’s the Democrat side of the equation. And we all know how the Democrats love to lie and make up things about Trump. And this week, the Dems brought their show to Congress, where they had a witness that they promised would break the Trump conspiracy wide open for all to see.

So this past week we were witness to a spectacle that was promised to be a bombshell week of testimony from Michael Cohen, convicted perjurer, which will absolutely without a doubt bring down the Orange Clown.

Only it did not. And in fact, their star witness continued his uninterrupted streak of lying while under oath. This “witness” has been convicted of perjury for LYING TO CONGRESS, plus he’s cheated, lied, defrauded, stolen, and then lied some more to cover his criminality for the better part of the past decade it seems.

But if Congress is calling Trump a fool for hiring him, what can they say about themselves for using him as their ‘star witness’? That is far beyond foolish. It is criminal. He even swears that he was lying “then”, but is telling the truth “now”. Anyone that says that has got to be believed right?

What lies and other criminal actions has Cohen been involved in?

  • Lied to President Trump
  • Lied to Congress
  • Lied to the IRS
  • Made multiple false statements to multiple financial institutions
  • Been disbarred
  • Committed tax evasion
  • Committed tax fraud
  • Lied to Congress (again)

But for the US Congress, this makes him a 100% credible witness against the President of the US. Sure, he’s already been sentenced to prison for LYING TO CONGRESS and other crimes, but the DOJ has delayed the start of his sentence so that he can “testify” against the President.

And you can rest assured that the DOJ promised multiple letters of recommendation to “go easy” on him if he would implicate the President in crimes, real or imagined, all the same to the Democrats.

But the main reason they hauled him in front of Congress for this week long publicity stunt was to have him answer THE question of the year. Provide the link that shows Trump is a Putin puppet. That’s all they wanted from him.

But when asked if there were any collusion with Russia, the answer was an unequivocal NO. Nada. Nothing. Didn’t happen. Never happened. Won’t happen.

So the guy that was Trump’s fixer for 10 years, according to the DOJ, has ZERO evidence of him committing crimes? Of colluding with the Russkies?
Of committing any crime? Again, no. Nada. Nothing.

But Cohen did take the opportunity, per the DOJ, to call Trump a racist, a conman and a cheat. Of course not a single piece of evidence was submitted to prove the allegations, any of them. The Dems just used him uttering the words over and over and over on CNN and MSNBC in the hopes that people would believe it.

But you see, the average America is much smarter than the average Democrat. Our judgement isn’t clouded by hatred for the sake of hating. Our judgement isn’t clouded by overwrought emotions working overtime to manufacture fake news/crimes.

You are as fake as the Jussie Smollett hate race crime fiasco you all fell for in January.

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