New Career Path Time!


Jussie Smollett, infamous actor, black man, musician, gay man, and gay activist has been out of the news for several days now for some odd reason. After his publicity stunt he was supposed to be, and actually was, America’s favorite “darling”, but something happened on the way to him being a superstar….

Oh yeah…. FACTS emerged. But now, a message from our sponsor…

The Original Fake Hate Crime Hoax Kit. Don’t fake any hate crime until you’ve purchased our kit. It contains everything you’ll need to plan the fake crime, find a target to blame the fake attack on (i.e. Trump supporter, Conservative, Caucasian, etc.) and how to execute the fake crime. And the included “Hate Crime Hoax Guide” will teach you how to blame those racist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, misogynistic, racist Trumpies for beating you up!

His acting career came crashing down around after swearing to his ‘Empire’ castmates that he was innocent, the Chicago police framed him, he didn’t do anything except get beat up by two, white, homophobic, racist Trump supporters who poured bleach on him and tried to lynch him.

His “music career” which consisted of one failed album (called abysmal by critics and fans alike) and a second album due to be released a couple of weeks after his attack. He planned on the fake hate crime attack to spur record sales into the millions, seriously. People would be so incensed at random white people that they’ll buy horrible music and listen to it? In his dreams.

So his acting career is somewhat diminished. His musical career never really was. Poor Jussie. Whatever will he do to earn a living after throwing away a $1,000,000 a year job, just because he wanted to send a couple of innocent white people to jail.

He could write “How To” books under an assumed name? Or as he’s the epitome of a modern day Socialist, he could run for President!

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