$850 MILLION of Taxpayers Money Missing!


Enter one Chirlane McCray, the wife of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (real name Warren Wilhelm, he’s changed his name at least twice legally). McCray was in charge of a mental health program called ThriveNYC that was to be used to “tackle issues” such as substance abuse, suicide and depression.

The program targeted low-income individuals that are often priced out of mental health coverage, which is not normally covered by most insurance plans. It also supposedly focused on veterans, African-Americans, Latinos, Muslims, etc. who are less likely to seek care for mental health issues.

They were given well over $1 Billion of the taxpayer’s money to pay for their program. In the three years since, there are no records that show where the money was spent, NONE! But an audit uncovered that over $850 MILLION has simply vanished, with nothing to show for it other than an empty bank account.

ThriveNYC said it has developed a list of 417 metrics to measure exactly how effective the program is moving forward, but when asked to assess its impact so far, the data was piecemeal and showed a largely failing picture.

ThriveNYC said it spent all the money on programs for the poor and mentally unstable, but failed to account for most of it, which amounted to $850 Million in “missing funds”. Even though $850 Million is presumably stolen/siphoned from the program, the city of New York is again giving them more than $1 Billion AGAIN.

So, to recap… NYC Mayor Warren Wilhelm, aka Bill de Blasio, gave his wife’s “charity program” over $1 Billion in taxpayer funds three years ago, and from that account $850 went “missing”, so de Blasio gives his wife an additional $1 Billion, which will undoubtedly go missing as well.

Need we mention that Wilhelm/de Blasio is a Socialist? Just remember, Socialism is for the people, not the Socialist. The people of New York must have money coming out of their ears if they can afford to throw away $2 Billion to the Mayor’s wife for her to pillage.

How many “homes” do the de Blasio’s have? Just askin’ because $2 Billion will buy a lot of homes and bling.

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