Another Fake Hate Crime?


You can’t make this stuff up folks. Hate crime hoaxing for fun and profit is alive and well in America. And it’s not only Trump supporters, white people, and Conservatives that have to be careful, now trees are being accused of being “racist”. That’s right, trees are racist.

In Lamar, South Carolina, the town Mayor, Darnell Byrd McPherson assumed she was the victim of a hate crime after finding a yellow sticky substance “painted” all over her and her husband’s cars.

She said that the substance “got in all of the grooves” of both autos that were sitting outside the couple’s home. It was a substance that was yellow sticky stuff, paint, foam, concrete, and pebbles, all at the same time, as described by the Mayor.

“I likened it as a hate crime because No. 1, there’s a history in our town of Lamar,” Mayor McPherson said. She said over 40 years ago that “burning crosses” were commonly seen in the area.

When she saw her car had been painted, she exclaimed “It ignited some fear in my spirit. My God, who would do that? It was something, it was just unnerving to me.”

She recalled that the couple’s neighbor, who had stopped by in his van to pick up some laundry, also chimed in.

“Darnell, there’s something on your car,” she remembered him saying. “They started rubbing it, and it was this yellow, sticky substance. So it was like, What is this?”

She said her husband and the neighbor “started scraping all over” their cars to rid what she described as a “grainy substance” that they said was like the industrial spray foam used to patch concrete. It looked like little pebbles,” she added.

Tree pollen on a car after sitting outside for a couple of hours. Hate crime or not?

Setting in was the deafening fear of a hate crime attack.

So the Mayor called the police, the media, Newsweek magazine, and God knows who else to report that she was the victim, ala Jussie Smollett, of a horrendous hate crime. Presumably, it was random Trump supporters, white people, or Conservatives that desecrated both of their cars.

Newsweek dutifully reported it nationally as another despicable hate crime against yet another Black person, only this time a Mayor of a city was the victim.

We have independently verified, using DNA and other methods, that these are four of the racist trees that committed a horrific hate crime against the Mayor of Lamar, SC. Will the police of the FBI move in and arrest them or just let them get away with it?

The Darlington County Sheriff’s Office sent Lt. Robby Kilgo and two Deputies out to respond to this vicious, hateful, despicable, alleged hate crime against their town Mayor. Oh, the humanity.

After a 2-second investigation, the police came up with another theory of the alleged hate crime, which didn’t sit too well with the Mayor, her husband, or other black citizens of the town.

The report went on to detail how the mayor and her husband streaked a finger over the tarnished parts surfacing the car and “realized it was not paint and that the substance could be removed with a finger; similar to pollen.”

It’s safe to assume that the substance on McPherson’s car was pollen, which brings us to this insanity: Though the possibility was raised that the car’s mysterious coating could have been pollen and not the result of foul play, McPherson remained convinced someone was behind it. “It’s something,” she said. “Something that’s sticky that’s stuck to my car and took two different solutions to get it off.”

The police were able to identify and locate the perpetrators in just a few short moments after arriving on the scene of the alleged hate crime. But for some reason, they did not detain or arrest any of the multiple perpetrators of the alleged crime. They refused to even question them about where they were when the alleged hate crime occurred. They let them off without even a warning. WHY?

The police could be incompetent, corrupt or just plain racist and didn’t want to arrest the perps because of their skin color? The police could be covering up the alleged hate crime to make it “disappear”? Who knows what their motives are, and we may never know.

But the police investigation by the Darlington Country Sheriff’s Office identified the perpetrators as “TREES”. Yep, those racist, xenophobic, Trump supporting, pollen releasing pine trees that live by the millions in the Carolina’s and Georgia.

They attacked this poor Mayor and her husband’s car with “tree pollen”. And whoever would have ever guessed that trees were white, Trump supporting Conservatives?

Another unreported hate crime committed by the trees.

The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division decided to NOT open an investigation in the alleged hate crime incident saying, “We did not believe a crime occurred.” They felt that the Mayor’s claims were a bit overwrought. This did not sit well with the Mayor, we’re sure. She wanted her pound of flesh, white flesh.

A Black woman and man claimed they are victims of a hate crime. We MUST believe them. It is impossible for them to lie, as we’ve learned recently, hate crime victims NEVER lie. A thorough investigation needs to be made, and by the FBI, not local or state law enforcement who have blamed trees.

Let’s find the real perps. Personally, we think it’s the same two white, racist, homophobic, Trump supporting Conservatives that beat up and attempt to lynch Jussie Smollett.

We can ascertain this with one easy question… Did the trees have their M.A.G.A. hats on or not? We sent our photographer out and he actually caught some of these racist trees in action, releasing pollen while wearing their M.A.G.A. hats. This is EVIDENCE that the FBI refuses to look at!

For the uninitiated to living in the South, with the millions/billions of pine trees releasing pollen in the spring, your car can be covered with a yellow and/or green pollen in just a few minutes, depending on the wind. Anyone that has lived in the South for one year knows this and recognizes it for what it is. And it’s NOT a hate crime!

But the Mayor never saw tree pollen before, even though she lived there for decades? And nobody, out of all the people (except the police?) noticed that all the cars that were parked outside were covered with this same hateful, racist pollen? Or maybe it was/is a racial hate crime of epic proportions targeting every black person everywhere?

Ban trees is the only answer.

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