Adam “Bugsy” Schiff – A Joke or Dangerous? Yes, He Is.


This is America’s Democrat party. For 2 years they’ve done nothing except to resist President Trump and anything that he proposes, even if it helps their own constituents. If Trump had the cure for cancer, they’d outlaw it. That is how much they hate the President.

And what was his crime? Oh yes, he defeated Hillary Clinton in an election that the FBI, the DOJ, the Obama administration, the DNC and the Clintons had spent millions of dollars on “fixing” in favor of Clinton.

They spent untold months and 10’s of millions on fixing the election and absolving Hillary of the espionage crimes and other national security violations. There was no way she could lose. Impossible. Zero chance. 97% chance she’d be the President the day after election day. They had 95% of the media in their back pocket, paid shills for Clinton.

And now Schiff has the gumption to crow about the fact that he’s going to start multiple investigations into Trump over his “obstruction of justice” during the Mueller probe, which by the way just ended with ZERO, NADA, NO evidence whatsoever of collusion by Trump or his campaign with Russia.

Schiff is pissed, like a sissified Barney Fife (if there could be such a thing), “Bugsy” is it. He’s pulling the bullet out of his shirt pocket and putting in a chamber of his gun. And the President, and the American people are supposed to be waiting for the results of his new investigations with great anticipation. Yeah, right, sure, whatever.

No, the American people, and the President, are sick and tired of the childish obstructionism being perpetrated by the Democrats. They were elected to fix problems, and all they’ve done is to obstruct the agenda Trump was elected to put in place and call Trump supporters Nazis, racists, homophobes, Islamophobes, xenophobes, haters, deplorables, misogynists, irredeebables, flat earthers, troglodytes, and much worse, just for the crime of supporting ideas different from theirs.

Elections have consequences, isn’t that what former President Obama said? The sooner you’re voted out of office the better off America will be.

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