Another Hoax Unveiled


In the ’70’s it was a “New Ice Age” was coming. In the ’90’s it was “global warming” that was going to melt us. Now it is now simply “climate change” and we are going to either freeze, melt, burn up, die of thirst, die of drowning, or die some other horrible way due to “man-made global climate change”.

The message of impending doom by freezing was proven to be a hoax.

The message of impending doom by heat was proven to be a hoax.

Now the mantra is simply that the climate is different today than it was yesterday, somewhere on the planet, and that “proves” we are going to die in 12 years, according to Robert Francis “Pepe” O’Rourke and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and the rest of the Socialists.

Note, we aren’t going to die in 11 years, not 13 years, but in TWELVE years. Their science is so exact they are positive 12 years and we’re extinct. And as it’s a part and parcel of the Green New Deal they are proposing, one would think we have the right to look at the proposal and question aspects of it. And you would be wrong.

Robert “Pepe” O’Rourke was campaigning last week in Iowa, and was speaking to a crowd and stated: “This is our final chance. The scientists are absolutely unanimous on this. That we have no more than 12 years to take incredibly bold action on this crisis.”

You are to accept it at face value, because the Socialists and their media says it’s factual and scientific and all that.

Only it’s a lie. Total fabrication. A whopper. Even a Leftist organization such as the Associated Press couldn’t let this whopper pass without scrutiny, and in fact stated that isn’t even close to being factual.

There is no scientific consensus, much less unanimity, that the planet only has 12 years to fix the problem.

A report by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, drawn from the work of hundreds of scientists, uses 2030 as a prominent benchmark because signatories to the Paris agreement have pledged emission cuts by then. But it’s not a last chance, hard deadline for action, as it has been interpreted in some quarters.

“Glad to clear this up,” James Skea, co-chairman of the report and professor of sustainable energy at Imperial College London, told The Associated Press. The panel “did not say we have 12 years left to save the world.”

He added: “The hotter it gets, the worse it gets, but there is no cliff edge.”

“This has been a persistent source of confusion,” agreed Kristie L. Ebi, director of the Center for Health and the Global Environment at the University of Washington in Seattle. “The report never said we only have 12 years left.”

The report forecasts that global warming is likely to increase by 0.5 degrees Celsius or 0.9 degrees Fahrenheit between 2030 and 2052 “if it continues to increase at the current rate.” The climate has already warmed by 1 degree C or 1.8 degrees F since the pre-Industrial Age.

Even holding warming to that level brings harmful effects to the environment, the report said, but the impact increases greatly if the increase in the global average temperature approaches 2 degrees C or 3.6 degrees F.

“The earth does not reach a cliff at 2030 or 2052,” Ebi told AP. But “keep adding greenhouse gases to the atmosphere and temperatures will continue to rise.”

As much as climate scientists see the necessity for broad and immediate action to address global warming, they do not agree on an imminent point of no return.

Cornell University climate scientist Natalie M. Mahowald told the AP that a 12-year time frame is a “robust number for trying to cut emissions” and to keep the increase in warming under current levels.

But she said sketching out unduly dire consequences is not “helpful to solving the problem.”

So according to American Democrats, in the next 10 years, so that we don’t die in 12, we must stop using all fossil fuels (i.e. coal, oil, gas, natural gas, etc.) and nuclear energy and convert to 100% green renewable resources, which are yet to be discovered and/or invented. But that’s no problem at all as we have 10 years, right?

And they are using “scientific consensus” as their only “proof”, only there is no consensus, let alone unanimity. Do we believe a group of extreme Leftists that hate America and believe America has been and always will be evil?

The Green New Deal will basically kill half of all Americans, bankrupt the country and take us back to the 17th century. In the first 5 years, we’ll cut down and burn all the trees to keep warm and to cook food. Want to talk about dirty air?

And what about Alaska and especially Hawaii? How will Ocasio-Cortez get her “tippy-top” high speed rail system to service those remote states? I’m sure she has a plan, she’s got one for all of us, for everything we do.

The Green New Deal proposed by Ocasio-Cortez, Pepe O’Rourke and the gangs reads like a wish list of the extreme Left:

  • “upgrading all existing buildings” in the country for energy efficiency (And by this they mean 100% of all homes, offices, warehouses, businesses, etc. ALL buildings.)
  • ‘working with farmers “to eliminate pollution and greenhouse gas emissions … as much as is technologically feasible” (while supporting family farms and promoting “universal access to healthy food”) (This means to farm “responsibly” without using tractors, combines, etc., and to farm only what AOC and her cabal considers to be healthy.)
  • “overhauling transportation systems” to reduce emissions — including expanding electric car manufacturing, building “charging stations everywhere,” and expanding high-speed rail to “a scale where air travel stops becoming necessary”. (Automobiles, motorcycles, boats, jets, and airplanes will be illegal/outlawed. Horses and bicycles becomes the new mode of transport, along with the mythical high-speed rail system they’ll install to every city and town in the country.)
  • A guaranteed job “with a family-sustaining wage, adequate family and medical leave, paid vacations and retirement security” for every American (You don’t have to work, you can let others work and the government will give you their money. They’ll also give you extra $$$ every year for vacations and sick pay, plus a retirement plan.)
  • Provide free “high-quality health care for all Americans” (Self-explanatory. Everyone gets the gold plan without paying one dime.)
  • Eliminate “farting cows” worldwide to reduce methane gas emissions (Cows are the single largest methane gas polluter and must go.)
  • Eliminate fossil fuel power generating plants. No coal, no oil, no gas, no natural gas. No nuclear power either. (Within in 10 years they propose to develop/invent multiple and totally new methods of safe and renewable, green energy sources, that we’ve been unable to invent or develop over the past 100 years.)

There is not a single word in this Green New Deal as to how these extreme policies will be paid for, but the CBO estimates it will cost $93 TRILLION in 10 years. That is $93,000,000,000 OVER our current $22 trillion in national debt and our $150 trillion in unfunded liabilities.

But the kicker is, IT IS A HOAX! First, there is no global climate crisis. The Earth does what the Earth does, when it wants to do it, and damn the carbon life forms that live here because we are nothing to the Planet Earth.

Yes, we pollute it horribly, and that’s mainly China, Russia, India, Indonesia, South America, etc. that do most of the polluting these days. Many of the countries of the world, including the US, have become much better stewards of our home over the past 3 decades, but the Left won’t let a simple thing such as facts get in the way of manufacturing a fake crisis.

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