Fox News Lurches Left, Again


Fox News has taken a step backward from freedom and liberty and has delivered a huge blow to freedom of the press in America. Was this personal, business, misogyny, racial (Pirro is Lebanese), or just an orchestrated attack of hatred by the Leftists at Fox?

No matter the reason, it is an attack on the 1st Amendment, and we all should be somewhat terrified about this over the top act of censorship and retribution from what is supposedly a “fair and balanced” news network.

Fox is the remaining relevant network that is not a paid shill for the Democrat party, Fox has been the victim of Left-creep for several years, and now seems to have thrown away any pretense of actually being fair and balanced.

Lined up against Judge Jeanine Pirro: Fox News, Bret Baier, Shepard Smith, Hamas, the Democrat National Committee, C.A.I.R., the Democrat Party sources close to the situation at Fox News claim that two Fox personalities, Shepard Smith and Bret Baier secretly lobbied Fox News to suspend Judge Jeanine over her remarks, which by the way were spot on.

Judge Jeanine Pirro was unceremoniously suspended last week for raising questions about the loyalty of anti-Semite Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) after another of Omar’s racist tirades against Israel, Jews, Trump, American Jews, etc.

Now it comes to light that Baier made the orignial complaint against Judge Jeanine. He allegedly was attempting to garner favor with the Democrat Party and politicians so that they would reverse a decision to not allow Fox News to host a Democrat presidential debate.

He allegedly offered up Pirro’s head to the Democrats. He gets to moderate the new Fox Democrat debate and they get Pirro bounced from the airwaves.

Baier’s producer, Hufsa Kamal, a long time anti-conservative tweeter, tweeted out a damning condemnation of Pirro which they assumed, and rightly so, would cause Fox to suspend her.

Of course, Baier being the mastermind behind the taking down of Judge Jeanine would naturally be “rewarded” with being named the moderator the Fox News Democratic Presidential Debate, or so he probably wishes.

And what does CAIR think about Pirro? “Fox News must clearly state that Jeanine Pirro will not be allowed back on the air after her long history of Islamophobic hate rhetoric and the network must also take similar action against other Islamophobic hosts like Tucker Carlson,” said CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad. “All existing advertisers should drop their ads on Fox News to ensure that they are not associated with the promotion of hate.”

Shepard Smith is a proud ‘Never Trumper’. Any time he can get in a good dig or negative sound byte to denigrate the President, he’s game. Smith allegedly “lobbied 24/7 to suspend her” according to the same sources close to Fox.

And just who is aligned together to silence Judge Jeanine Pirro?

  • Bret Baier
  • Shepard Smith
  • Fox News
  • Hamas
  • The Democratic National Committee
  • C.A.I.R. (Council on American-Islamic Relations)
  • The Democrat Party

Fox News had previously assigned far-left, conservative hating, anti-Trumper Jerry Andrews and Judge Jeanine’s Executive Producer, hoping to tamp down her opening statements and to soften her stories so as not to be so offensive to the Left.

Then, curiously, this week, Fox hires known Clinton conspirator, cheat, and liar, Donna Brazile to work at Fox. Recall that Brazile was the one that gave Hillary Clinton the debate questions in advance in the 2016 debates.

Seem’s rather odd timing doesn’t it?