The “NEW” Dumb and Dumber: Joe Scarborough


MSNBC host Lyin’ Joe Scarborough has never met a lie he didn’t like. Never made up a lie he wouldn’t repeat. But now, Lyin’ Joe has delved into total fantasy land. He’s rewriting how semi-automatic and automatic weapons work. Too bad he knows nothing about them.

He evidently had read an article somewhere on “guns”, and all of a sudden he’s the world’s foremost expert on weaponry. Now we’re fairly certain this nancy has never even touched a gun, let alone fired one. We know he was never in the military. He was never in war. So how does he “know” so doggone much about weapons?

Scarborough tweeted: “Those suggesting the AR-15 was not developed as a weapon of war should read up on history. The AR-15 was developed as a military weapon to replace the M-14. Eugene Stoner designed it to be lighter and more lethal than the M-14. It was far deadlier than the M-16 used in Vietnam.”

Joe is making up facts as he goes along. His statement that the AR-15 was designed exclusively for the U.S. military is an out and out fabrication. The U.S. military does NOT use the AR-15, but that doesn’t stop Lyin’ Joe from doing what Lyin’ Joe does, which is lying.

The U.S. military had been using the M-14, which was developed strictly for military use, as it’s capable of being used as a single shot weapon or as a fully automatic machine gun. But the M-14 was much larger and heavier than the newly developed M-16, which replaced it around 1970.

The M-16 was developed for U.S. military use, no matter what Lyin’ Joe says. It was smaller and lighter than the M-14. It fired a 5.56mm round vs. the 7.62mm round fired by the M-14.

Lyin’ Joe in unaware that the AR-15 is the civilian version of the M-16. The AR-15 is only a single shot/semiautomatic weapon. You pull the trigger one time and one round is fired. It is NOT an automatic weapon Lyin’ Joe. Really, it’s not. Take it from someone that used both of those weapons in war.

But Lyin’ Joe, you repeatedly assert that the AR-15 is more deadly than the M-16, and even you are probably intelligent enough to know that you are lying, right?

The AR-15 semi-automatic rifle: pull the trigger and one round is fired. Rate of fire: 45 rounds per minute.

The M-16 fully-automatic rifle: pull the trigger and it keeps firing until you let off of the trigger. Rate of fire: 950 rounds per minute.

You are telling the American people that a weapon that fires one shot each time the trigger is pulled is more lethal than a weapon that can fire 950 rounds per minute?

Lyin’ Joe, you do realize that 950 is MORE than 45 don’t you? Evidently not.

Besides being Lyin’ Joe, you are as stupid as head of cabbage. Next time you decide to “school us” on how guns work, try educating yourself just a little bit.

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