Smollett Maintains Innocence


Jussie Smollet is still maintaining that he was attacked by white Trump supporters. His lawyers also give varying scenarios… Chicago cops framed him. Trump is pulling the strings on this one. White supremacists beat him up to silence him from talking bad about Trump.

But the fact remains that Smollets still swears it was two white supremacist Trump supporters, wearing ski masks, gloves, and MAGA hats who were carrying a container of bleach and a noose to hang him with. They hunted him down like an animal at 2 am in the morning while he was going to get a sandwich at Subway, which of course is world famous for their 2 am sandwiches.

The two white men knew who he was and the show he was on, called him racist and homophobic names, beat and kicked him, breaking ribs, cutting, bruising and scraping him, and evidently attempted to hang him, but there were no nearby trees it seems.

Jussie then picked up his sandwich, walked to his building, greeted the doorman, then went to his home to eat the sandwich. Then 45 minutes later he walked to the hospital to report the attack and call the police.

This was Jussie Smollett’s testimony to the police investigating the alleged hate crime.

Fast forward to March 21, 2019. Lee Daniels, the creator of ‘Empire” expressed “pain and anger” about the entire ordeal, and just doesn’t understand what is happening. And interestingly, they’ve not yet written Smollett out of the show. Daniel’s did say that “The show was made to bring America together. To talk about the atrocities that are happening right now in the streets.”

And even after Smollett was arrested and charged with 16 felonies, he still maintains his innocence, to friends, family, co-workers, bosses, and the public. Even though we all know he’s lying through his teeth. He really thinks the fact that he is a gay black man is all he needs to beat this. He’ll play the race and queer card, again.

And he may win this time. If not, he can plan better next time. Hints for Jussie Smollet. v. 2.0:

  • Don’t use a personal check to pay the fake attackers
  • Don’t use friends as your fake attackers
  • Don’t lie about broken, then fractured, then bruised, then hurt ribs
  • Don’t hire black men to imitate white men
  • Don’t use the same exact crime as the play you saw the night before had in it
  • Next time let someone whoop on your ass for a couple of minutes so you are actually cut, bleeding, bruised, and hurting, please…

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