Veto Beto


While Leftists in Texas may be in goo-goo eyed love with Robert Francis O’Rourke, aka “Beto” the Savior, they may want to actually look at his record. You want him to “manage” your life, so you’d better look at how he has managed his.

After losing to Ted Cruz in the election, Robert Francis went on a journey of self discovery. He was attempting to find the inner Robert, the good Karma Robert the papers wrote about. So what does he do? He eats dirt. True story. This savior of Texas actually ate dirt because he thinks the dirt in New Mexico has special powers, specifically regenerative powers.

Then this wonderful father and husband, a man of the people, savior of the people of Texas went diaper diving through his child’s diaper to find a particularly nasty “dropping” and he found one. He picked it up and put it in a bowl and tried to serve it to his wife, telling her it was an avocado.

He said it was an “April Fool’s” joke. Really? Where I come from we call that mental illness or sick. How many of you have picked up a turd, place it on a dinner plate or bowl, and tried to serve it to your spouse? How many? That’s what I thought. One person, nicknamed Beto.

We should not dwell on his rather fanciful and bizarre wishlist of Socialist programs that he is proposing, just look at the person, Robert Francis O’Rourke.

He’s Irish, but attempts to portray himself as a Latino by calling himself “Beto”, the Hispanic nickname for Robert, except Robert Francis O’Rourke is not of Hispanic, Latino, Mexican, Guatemalan, El Salvadoran, Venezuelan, or any other heritage, other than IRISH.

He’s was, or is, a member of a computer hacking club that did commit numerous computer crimes in the past.

He wrote a short story about gleefully murdering two children and about how good it made him feel to see their bleeding and battered bodies.

And while many of us own RC devices, i.e. helicopters, airplanes, boats, cars, O’Rourke own a remote-controlled cockroach. Where do you even find a remote-controlled cockroach? Only Beto would know, and he does.

He admits to inhaling (marijuana) and he promises us that he has never taken LSD.

Who believes him? He eats dirt, feeds his wife turds and fantasizes about murdering children. And he’s never done LSD? Then what was he on when he ate dirt sandwiches and served his wife a bowl of poop? This is a man of sound mind and spirit?

No he is not of sound mind, but this is the “man” that Democrats want as the next President.

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