Climate Science “Prophet” Failed Science in College


Al Gore, the self-proclaimed “Prophet” of global climate warming, global climate change, global warming, and all things catastrophic is a total fraud. He claims to be living a “carbon-free lifestyle”. This is a total fabrication. He’s one of the jet-setting rich and famous.

And he agrees along with the newest crop of Democratic Socialists that we are muerto in 12 years, if we don’t take drastic measures now.

He’s made hundreds of millions of dollars off of the climate change hoax that he invented, by convincing you that it’s a real emergency. Of course with the Leftist media praising every word he spews as the gospel, and the lack of critical thinking skills by Liberals, it comes as no surprise.

Why would we believe the man that told us decades ago we’d probably be dead by now? Because the MSM repeats every word he utters for weeks on end as being qualified and scientific truths? Though that’s good enough for the Liberal voters that get their “news” from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, CNN and MSNBC.

Al Gore, Jr. is the epitome of, is the consummate, is the quintessential man-made global climate change hypocrite as evidenced by his own deeds and actions:

  • Al Gore’s main residence in Tennessee uses more electricity in a single year than the average American family uses in 21 years
  • Lives in 10,000+ sq. ft home. Average size of American home is approx. 2,100 sq. ft. (Gore owns and maintains at least 3 homes)
  • In a single month during 2018, he used more electricity than the average family uses in 34 months
  • His main residence has had nearly $70,000 of “green” upgrades to make it energy efficient
  • According to the NCPPR report, Gore’s home used more electricity last year than it did before installing the green upgrades in 2007
  • Gore travels on the ground using a fleet of gas-guzzling SUV’s
  • Gore travels in the air on private jets (again using fossil fuel)
  • Note: Gore does not actually “own” a private jet. He rents and/or leases them, so he is being factually honest when he states he doesn’t own any private jets. Is it a lie of omission? Is he being intellectually honest? In the same statement he mentions Southwest Airlines as if he flies SW. You’ll have to decide for yourself. It’s above our pay grade.

Man-made global climate change (hereafter MMGCC) is now considered by Leftists as being the #1 threat to our national security and our very existence. According to the Democrat Party if we don’t take extreme measure within 10 years, we’ll die in 12.

Not die in 11 years, not die in 13 years. 12 years. Gone. All of us. To deny this, you are calling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Robert Francis “Pepe” O’Rourke, Kamala Harris, Ilhan Omar, Kirsten Gillibrand, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden, Terry McAuliffe, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Deval Patrick, Oprah Winfrey, Andrew Cuomo, Sherrod Brown, Jerry Brown, Chris Murphy, and many others of America’s elite, liars. How could they all be mistaken or lying?

What about the 30,000 “scientists” that agree on MMGCC? The “study” was a fraud. It asked a vague question about has the climate changed ever and scientists of all type sent the question answered it. Yep, the weather changes almost everyday somewhere, everywhere most of the time. And this is the study they use as the scientific consensus of MMGCC.

Is Gore Asian? Native American? What were his SAT scores? Will we ever see them? What actually qualified him to be accepted into Harvard? That’s an easy one to answer.

He got in because of his daddy, a former Democrat Senator, a proud and well-known racist, who wrote a letter to Harvard requesting that his application should be accepted. And it was, just like that.

Gore Jr. has told us that if we don’t accept his view of climate change, that it’s the same as being a racist. Does he mean “racist” like his father, Al Gore, Sr. that voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964? Racist like that? Gore Sr. not only voted against the Act, but he took part in a 74 day filibuster to delay and weaken the legislation.

And he calls us racist because we actually believe that it might be warmer today than yesterday, or cooler tomorrow than the day after? It might rain this week and not rain for 2 weeks? It might not rain for a month and then all of a sudden it will rain. That is not man-made, catastrophic, global climate change Al. That is called “weather”.

Hurricane? Flood? Earthquake? Torrential deluge? Drought? Lightning? Tornado? Volcanic eruption? Thunder? Tropical storm? High wind? Squall line? Tropical cyclone? Dust Storm? Wildfire? Waterspout? Monsoon? Ice storm? Heatwave? Freezing cold? Snowfall? Rain? Drizzle? Showers? Blizzard? Downburst? Hail? Thunderstorm? Polar vortex (actually “vortice” in reality)?

And according to the self-designated climate change scientists (because there is no such degree) all of these different weather events were basically “static”. There were never been changes, slight or extreme, in the Earth’s climate ever before in the Earth’s history.

Tell this to the dinosaurs, the cavemen and to the real history of the Earth which proves there is a verified, full-blown Ice Age every 100,000 or so. For BILLION OF YEARS IN A ROW!!! It gets cold and most of us die, then it gets hot and we, being the resilient beings we are, repopulate. Rinse and repeat every 100,000 years. See how that works?

And these Ice Ages do not happen overnight. They happen over the course of thousands and thousands of years, with long periods of changing weather events either going from cold to warmer weather or from warmer to colder weather. Facts are facts and there are only one set of them.

All of that is supposedly due to “man-made global climate change”, according to the “experts”. Over the past few decades, MMGCC has been called / described as:

  • The New Ice Age
  • Global Warming
  • Global Cooling
  • Climate Change
  • Climate Disruption
  • Global Climate Change
  • Man-Made Global Warming
  • Man-Made Global Climate Change

These are the same experts that claimed in the late ’70s that an “Ice Age” was directly on the horizon unless man did something about it, which we didn’t because we don’t control what the Earth did then, or now.

This Harvard educated man claims that the science on climate change is settled. It has been determined and verified, by his people of course. And the rest of us are ignorant morons and wrong about everything. The weather has never changed before. It’s never been cooler one year than the next and has never been warmer one year than the next.

Anyone who tells you otherwise must be a Trump supporting, climate denying, Jussie Smollet hate crime attacking, flat earther that believes the Mueller report stating that there was no Trump collusion with the Russians.

The “Prophet” Al Gore has made huge profits, in the tens or hundreds of millions, off of the global climate change hoax, and he cites his acumen, expertise, and knowledge of the sciences as his proving ground.

But his Harvard transcripts show that he received a “D” in the course “Man’s Place In Nature”, a science course at Harvard where virtually no one fails. It seems that the very person that preaches to all of us that the “science is settled” wouldn’t know a petri dish from a soup bowl.

Gore Jr. also did very poorly in chemistry and physics, two important fields if you’re going to appoint yourself as the world’s foremost authority on man-made global climate change. He finally managed to raise his grade above a “D” at least once. He received a C+ in Natural Sciences 118! Good going Al. We knew you cold do it.

Al “The Prophet” Gore, aka the “Supreme Hypocrite”, while telling us how to live, is a typical Socialist. Do as I say, not as I do.

He flies all over the world in private jets, while telling you and I that we should, no, we must use bicycles, walk more and to become better acquainted with equines in the future.

According to the Green New Deal, Al Gore, Democrats, Socialists, the mainstream media, etc. we are to stop using cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, airplanes and electricity, all for the collective good of mankind. But these rules do not apply to:

  • Democrat and Socialist Politicians
  • Hollyweirdos (Actors, Actresses, Producers, Directors, etc.)
  • Rich People, unless they are Republican, Trumpies or Conservative
  • The Great Polluters of the Earth (China, N. Korea, Russia, India,
  • Academia in general, specifically Leftists
  • Zuckerberg, Bezos, or other rich, white Socialists/Liberals
  • Illegal Aliens, including MS-13 and their families
  • Mexican Drug Cartels

And according to these same experts, CO² (carbon dioxide) is the worst pollutant in all of history and needs to be eradicated completely. If you agree, you really do need to educate yourself on basic science. Just look up CO² online and investigate if there is a possibly a symbiotic relationship between CO² and living, breathing and organic matter.

Just sayin’…

Listen and Obey.

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