Lie of the Decade Courtesy of Führer Zucker


Führer Jeff Zucker, CEO of CNN. Trump hater. Conservative hater. Progressive Socialist. Prevaricator extraordinaire. Anti-American. Manufacturer of fake news on a daily basis. Disseminates known false narratives to knowingly harm the United States of America and its citizens.

Zucker, while attempting to defend his network’s 24/7/365 “hate Trump” agenda at CNN says they did what was needed to be done because Trump is Trump and he did collude with the Russians. “We are not investigators. We are journalists” states Zucker.

He uses that term “journalists” very loosely then. Acosta, Amanpour, Axelrod, Blitzer, Camerota, Cooper, Cuomo, Van Jones, Lemon, Scarborough, Stelter, Tapper, Bash, Sciutto, and the rest of the lying cabal over at CNN don’t have a single ounce of journalistic integrity between the lot of them.

They lied for nearly two years, spewing the vilest, most hateful, deceitful and vitriolic language, lies and fake news stories against our duly elected President. They did it with forethought and malice, knowing that the DNC provided “Russian dossier” was a Clinton/DNC bought and paid for “oppo research” and that not a word of it was true.

But that didn’t stop them from perpetuating a 2-year avalanche of lies, day after day, month after month. Each day CNN treated us to the latest “breaking news” that would bring Trump down tomorrow.

Every week we heard numerous “bombshell reports” that were supposed to take the Orange Clown to his knees tomorrow. Every month we witnessed the loathing, the enmity, the hatred that all at CNN, from the top down, has for Trump, his followers, and all conservatives.

They verified each and every lie told by the Democrats and their minions since 2016 no matter how outrageous or blatantly false it was. Their “journalists” opined that someone should “take care of” Trump, that he was insane, that he was a Nazi, that he was a Communist, that other Presidents have been assassinated, that he works for Putin, that he is in bed with neo-Nazis, that he is a white supremacist, that he is a danger to America and needs to be removed at any cost and by any method.

That sounds a whole lot like opinion and anything except news doesn’t it? Which ones are true and which are lies? Is he really a Nazi AND a Communist, which are two 180° diametrically opposed political philosophies? Ask Führer Zucker. He’d know.

And now that they’ve been exposed, again, as being total fake news all the time, their Dear Leader, Führer Zucker has enlightened us as to the real mission at CNN. They exist to report the news! They are journalistas!

Well they sure have fooled about 50% of Americans then because the intelligent 50% is fairly certain that they are lying azzclowns that have zero journalistic standards or integrity. Their continual reporting of fake news and manufactured outrage has shown us what they really are.

We are not as stupid as they say we deplorables are. In fact, we are not stupid at all, which is why we only watch CNN to know what the Socialists are doing, or for a good laugh.

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