Who Attacked Jussie?


Who attacked Jussie? Jussie Smollett is now a victim, again. He was victimized once by enduring the vicious beating and attempted lynching, then again by the Chicago Police Dept. and Cook County D.A.’s office, and again by bloggers and the right wing media.

All of the people that jumped to conclusions and immediately bought his story, hook, line, and sinker and believed it without any sort corroboration or realistic evidence and without reservation…. were absolutely correct it seems. Jussie had all charges dropped today. He is innocent and is a victim of the white man, the homophobes and the police.

Jussie Smollett did not pay two black men to stage the attack on him and he did not pay them to buy bleach, rope, gloves and ski masks, even though the video evidence says otherwise. Video lies, we all know that. You can’t believe a video recording. And besides, the CPD could doctor any video they wanted to.

We at Freedom4US have no problem pleading guilty. We were 100% wrong. Jussie Smollett was attacked by two Trump supporting white supremacists, wearing MAGA hats, gloves, and ski masks and carrying bleach or “other” caustic substance and a noose, which is normally used for hanging people.

These two white Trump supporters, which are indicative of all Trump supporters, also yelled racist and homophobic slurs at him and, God forbid, yelled “MAGA country” at him also. They poured bleach on him and it seems they unsuccessfully attempted to “hang” him using a noose.

You have to admit that 98%+ of Trump supporters are haters, racists, and homophobes, and they are known for carrying bleach and nooses in public. This is undeniable, we’ve all seen it over and over. Plus most of them, for some odd reason, are ardent followers of ‘Empire’, so they do know who Jussie Smollett is and are obsessed with him. Probably because he “goes hard at ’45’…”.

Smollett said earlier he was able to “hit the little bitches” in the face also attempting to defend himself. We want to go ahead at this time and nominate Jussie Smollett for Outstanding Citizen of the Decade. He stood up to racism, homophobia and Trump and his moronic followers by his brave and selfless actions.

Then they left him to die, beaten to a pulp, bloodied, bruised, with possible multiple rib fractures, in a bloody pile on the street. After all that, brave Jussie picked up his sandwich, went home and ate it, and only then did he walk to the nearest emergency room and call the police. You can’t go to the emergency room on an empty stomach now can you?

Just imagine how brave and strong of a gay black man Jussie Smollett was to go home and eat his sandwich BEFORE going to the hospital and calling the police?

And then the stupid Chicago Police Department (CPD) investigated the attack and along with the Cook County Prosecutor and the FBI attempted to frame Smollett for staging the attack on himself.

And we know the reason why. Smollett came out and admitted on national TV that he “goes hard at ’45’…” and we know how sensitive Trump is to any criticism. Now we need a special counsel to investigate how Trump got CPD and local prosecutors to frame Jussie. That’ll eat up the last 2 years of his term.

Additionally, the two black brothers that were alleged to have been the paid attackers can now sue CPD for what, $275 million lawsuits like the Covington haters are suing for. Hell, go higher. Sue CPD for $500 million. Sue the city of Chicago for $1 billion! They’ve got the money, it’s just taxpayers money, i.e. rich people.

And Jussie Smollett’s lawsuit? It should be in the $10-12 Billion range or higher. He’s suffered enough people. It is time to make amends for the pain, fear, angst, suffering and all that stuff that gay black men go through when attacked exactly like Jussie was.

Now, what about the GIANT ELEPHANT in the room, i.e. the real attackers? It is evident that CPD knows who the white guys are and they are protecting them from prosecution, because of their white privilege. When will CPD be forced to produce the two attackers of Jussie Smollett?

We’ve been led astray long enough. We want justice and we want it NOW!

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