Q: Is It Gay/Black Privilege or Is He Just A Little Whiny Gay Man w/Powerful Friends? A: Yes.


Yes would be the answer to this. He concocted a fake crime, accused white people, lied through his teeth, got caught in said lies, whined to the Obamas that he was being targeted by white supremacists, and the Obamas got with their black minion in Chicago and ordered them to drop the charges, NOW!

And Chicago’s authorities dropped the charges. But Jussie, being the good and decent person that he is, never mentioned that he’d like to see his attackers brought to justice, or that he hoped they find the white racists that beat him to within an inch of his life.

What a human being! All is forgiven, and he prays that his attackers have a moment of conscience and turn themselves in for the good of racial relations in the country. We all know who these two white men are. They are the ones that have those little “bitch bruises and scratches” on their faces. Remember, Jussie told us that when they attacked him that he “hit those MAGA bitches back in the face.”

And Jussie being the big, strong, gay black man that he is, probably beat the holy crap out of them. They are lucky to be alive today after tangling with Jussie Smollett. He is a special kind of person. Privileged. Very privileged.

Jussie Smollet. Contrary to popular belief, he is not famous. He is infamous for perpetrating a fake hate crime, and then being the little whiny gay bitch that he is, he set about to accuse 2 white Trump supporters of almost killing him.

Whatever it is, we’re tired of the now known racist and liar Jussie Smollett. He may be considered the best greatest black man in American history, next to Barack Obama of course, but now, but to most decent people he’s a known liar and racist.

Over the course of the next two months he accused Trump of setting him up. He accused the Chicago Police of framing him. He accused the D.A.’s office “not wanting to get to the truth”. He accused all Trump supporters of being white supremacist, racist haters.

But all of a sudden, Jussie has had a crisis of faith. He knows now that the 2 white supremacist racist Trump supporters really didn’t want to kill him. They only wanted him to realize how racist all white people really are and what they could to do him if he continues going hard at ’45’.

And for this they confiscated his $10,000 bail bond, sentenced him to 16 hours community service and expunged and sealed his records.

What about the two Nigerian black men that were on video buying the supplies used in the attack? They also confessed to their role in the entire fake hate crime.

But now Jussie is saying that maybe they attacked him, trying to kill him, and it maybe wasn’t two random Trump supporters? Jussie, you swore to police and prosecutors you saw WHITE men beating you. Now you are intimating that they may have been BLACK men?

Black / White? White / Black? You don’t know the freaking difference?

You can’t even keep you own lies straight. I guess that’s all a part of the persona of you being a little whiny gay bitch eh?

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