Who Are The REAL Nazis?

Communism, Totalitarianism, Fascism, Democracy, Dictatorship, Socialism... They all enslave the people, which is why America is a Representative Republic with an Electoral College.

Since Trump announced his run for Presidency, and since he was elected he has been called the most vile names of any President ever in history. There really isn’t a reason for it other than the media has created false narrative, and the “Deep State” is attempting a coup from within.

And still our President has created jobs galore, awakened the economy, is rebuilding the military, is tackling immigration (as well as he can with the real Nazis nipping at his heels), and a host of other problems America was facing after only 8 years of Socialism. Imagine the damage if Clinton had been elected.

We all know, and finally they are actually admitting it, that Democrats are either Socialists, Fascists or Communists. None of them believe in capitalism or freedom and liberty. They are all about taxes, open borders, free abortion, sanctuary cities, free needles, free shooting galleries, free college, free housing, banning cars and airplanes, banning cows, etc.

And when they raise their collective voices and call our President a Nazi, hater, homophobe, Communist, Fascist, terrorist, traitor, etc. it is them simply looking in the mirror at their own empty and vacuous soul.

They can scream NAZI to Trump and his followers until hell freezes over but that doesn’t make it true. These screamers below are some of the offenders. These are the real Nazis…

Jim Acosta – Chuck Schumer – Peter Strzok – Robert “Pepe” O’Rourke
Barack Obama – Cory Booker – Eric Swalwell – Robert Mueller
Mark Zuckerberg – Jerrold Nadler – Jeff Bezos – Rod Rosenstein
Adam Schiff – John Brennan – Rachel Maddow – Chris Matthews
Hillary Clinton – Wolf Blitzer – Jake Tapper – Andrew McCabe
more to come…..

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