Don’t Worry – Chicago Is Just As Corrupt As Ever!


In case you were worried about the City of Chicago due to their diligent handling and investigation of the alleged Jussie Smollett “hate crime attack”, your worries are unfounded. Kim Foxx has finally “woke” and stepped up to save Jussie from Trump’s revenge.

Remember, Jussie opined on TV that he suspected this attack could have been orchestrated by Trump because “I come out hard at ’45’…”. I’m sure that terrifies the President so much that he sent his two best hit men to take Jussie out, but Jussie was able to fend them off. “I hit those little white MAGA bitches in the face” he said.

You can rest assured that never again will the Chicago Police Dept. conduct an honest and thorough investigation and find that a gay black man concocted his own attack, even if it is true.

The temerity of the CPD for actually conducting an honest investigation! Just who do they think they are? Well certainly not the Federal Bureau of Matters (formerly the FBI) as they couldn’t find a fish in the ocean it seems.

So CPD did an outstanding job in handling the Smollett allegations. They did a thorough and complete investigation, interviewing over 500 people and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and thousands of man hours.

And unfortunately, they discovered the truth, which the prosecutor’s office didn’t want any part of. But you don’t have to ask yourself why. Just ask yourself, who does Jussie know? And then ask yourself who does Kim Foxx (the State’s Attorney in Chicago) know? How many “common” friends do they have and what other commonalities are there between them?

  • Jussie Knows Kamala Harris, Barack/Michelle Obama
  • Kim Foxx knows Tina Tchen, Michelle Obama
  • Jussie and family calls Tina Tchen
  • Tchen calls the Obamas
  • Tchen contacts Foxx, repeatedly by phone and texts
  • Tchen calls the Obamas again
  • Tchen calls Foxx again and again
  • The Obamas contact Foxx
  • All charges are dropped against Smollett even though they have confessions, video evidence, forensic evidence, and witnesses
  • The common theme is that the prosecutor and the alleged victim who is actually the perpetrator, both know the Obama’s & Harris
  • What white guy would receive this same “Presidential” treatment in Chicago? ROFLMAO, Don’t answer that. It was a rhetorical question.

Hopefully the Federal Bureau of Matters will deem the matter of Smollett sending himself a fake threatening letter via the U.S. Mail a crime and prosecute him. As he’s lied to the FBM, saying he did not send it to himself, this is also a felony. But we know what the FBM/FBI is all about now, at least as long as Trump is in office.

So now Foxx is saying the sealing of the files was done inadvertently. Sure it was Kimmy. And yes she acknowledged, they came to a back-room deal that Smollett was basically a victim of 2 white men and he shouldn’t be charged for simply telling the truth.

And of course, there were “white” policemen investigating the alleged hate crime and they could have been prejudiced against Smollett and attempted to frame him, according to sources in the prosecutor’s office and media.

So why did she send out a memo on official State’s Attorney system asking her office to find cases similar to Smollett’s? She instructed them to find another “alleged” crime where they let someone off with just a verbal agreement and community service. They couldn’t find a single instance of this sort of hand-slapping when it concerned 16 felony counts, or for any crime at all.

So Foxx decided to “break” the glass ceiling for Jussie.

Smollett had all charges dropped and performed 18-hours of community service with Jessie Jackson’s Rainbow Push Coalition stuffing donor request envelopes. He also “voluntarily” agreed to forfeit his $10,000 bail bond.

If you are innocent, why would you forfeit your bond OR do community service? That makes no sense as innocent people do neither. Why would you pay $10K and perform community service for being NOT GUILTY?

What’s next, when a black man is found guilty of murder he gets a Get Out Of Jail Free card plus an eCheck for $10K AND they go out and charge some random white guy for the murder and convict him?

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