Facebook Identifies 51 Genders – When Will We Reach 100?


It started off in the Garden of Eden with two, count ’em, two genders, Male and Female. Adam and Eve. Adam was a man, with a penis. Eve was a woman with a vagina. Adam didn’t want to cut his penis off and Eve did not want to have an addadicktomy, so they were the first two homophobes.

Then the Left started a new push for more inclusiveness for “marginalized” genders, whatever that was/is. You either have an outie or an innie. Go look in the mirror if you are confused.

But now, Facebook, after an exhaustive study, has determined that there are many more than the 2 genders that “God” says there are, and more than the 31 genders that the State of New York says there are.

There are 51 distinct genders according to Facebook, well actually many more but they are not going to publish the comprehensive list, yet that is as that may confuse us mere mortals.

According to Facebook, “There’s going to be a lot of people for whom this is going to mean nothing, but for the few it does impact, it means the world,” Facebook software engineer Brielle Harrison told the Associated Press. Harrison, who worked on the project, is in the process of gender transition, from male to female.

Notably absent are Male and Female. They do list “Cis Man” and Cis Male” and “Cis Woman” and “Cis Female”, which is different from “Man” and “Woman” exactly how? And there is a gender listed as “Other”? Really?

Then they’ve listed “Trans” and “Trans*” of several different varieties. WTF?

Nobody is just a man or a woman any longer. We must be further compartmentalized and relegated to another made up group of people whose “genders” did not exist a mere decade ago. And to what purpose?

Here is the “List of 51 Genders” as determined by Facebook.

  • Agender
  • Androgyne
  • Androgynous
  • Bigender
  • Cis
  • Cisgender
  • Cis Female
  • Cis Male
  • Cis Man
  • Cis Woman
  • Cisgender Female
  • Cisgender Male
  • Cisgender Man
  • Cisgender Woman
  • Female to Male
  • FTM
  • Gender Fluid
  • Gender Nonconforming
  • Gender Questioning
  • Gender Variant
  • Genderqueer
  • Intersex
  • Male to Female
  • MTF
  • Neither
  • Neutrois
  • Non-binary
  • Other
  • Pangender
  • Trans
  • Trans*
  • Trans Female
  • Trans* Female
  • Trans Male
  • Trans* Male
  • Trans Man
  • Trans* Man
  • Trans Person
  • Trans* Person
  • Trans Woman
  • Trans* Woman
  • Transfeminine
  • Transgender
  • Transgender Female
  • Transgender Male
  • Transgender Man
  • Transgender Person
  • Transgender Woman
  • Transmasculine
  • Transsexual
  • Transsexual Female
  • Transsexual Male
  • Transsexual Man
  • Transsexual Person
  • Transsexual Woman
  • Two-Spirit

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