The Lies Continue To Pile Up


Kim Foxx says, and Jussie Smollett agrees that he’s suffered enough when all of you white people tried to actually lynch him physically the first time, and trying to lynch him using the legal system the 2nd time. But Jussie persevered and has been “proven” innocent of staging a fake hate crime against himself.

Foxx stated she recused herself from the case back in February, but as evidenced by the fact that she dropped the charges a couple of days ago, that too has been proven to be a lie. Does this Foxx cretin ever tell the truth about anything?

Jussie voluntarily gave up his $10,000 bail bond so the “community could start the healing process”. What healing process Jussie? We didn’t do anything, YOU DID!

Smollett lied again when he said he had done 18-hours of court-ordered community service with Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Push Coalition. Jackson told the truth yesterday and said you were not performing court-ordered community service.

He had volunteered on his own, presumably to make it appear that he had actually been “punished” for your crimes, all 16 felonious crimes that he committed. It was nothing more than an exercise to get a “note to hand to the teacher” to excuse him for his sins. And Jesse gladly wrote the note.

Kim Foxx is a pathological liar also. She lied about the “recusal”, about the reason(s) for dropping the charges, and now is calling the American people ignorant, or even worse stupid.

She told radio station WBEZ that the reason people are upset is that they “don’t understand the intricacies of the judicial system”. yup we for shur all be stooopid Miss Kim. hour nuckles are dragon in da dirt. we dont no nuffin from nuffin.

Actually, we know a coverup/whitewash/blackwash/corruption when we see it. It’s just that in Chicago this normally passes for business as usual. You can blame Smollett for making this a national black/white issue Miss Kimmy.

You lied about white Americans, as all of us are nothing more than a raging, lynching, mob, sort of like a white Black Lives Matter only we’re white and we do not commit violence as BLM does routinely.

You lied again when you made your statement exonerating yourself saying that “I have been truthful and consistent on every level since day one.” Even the Cook County Prosecutor Joe Magats said, “We believe he did what he was charged with doing. This was not an exoneration. To say he was exonerated by us or anyone else is not true.”

And you said you support the movement? What movement is that Jussie? You mean all of you black racists, white haters, have an actual movement where you commit fake white on black hate crimes for fun and profit? Do you have rallies and conventions?

Here is a chart of what some “not so hooked up” defendants are facing when charged with just a single felony, not the SIXTEEN felonies that Smollett was charged with.

Jussie Smollett’s case w/ 16 felonies dropped. Others weren’t so lucky.
It really helps to be gay and black and know Barack and Michelle eh?

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