Adam Schiff – Verified Prevaricator Extraordinaire


He doesn’t even use the pretense of telling the truth. He knows no bounds. When others say the glass is empty, he says the glass is overflowing. When others say the road is a dead end, he says it’s the Autobahn.

Adam Schiff is the ranking member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, and that folks is a very scary thought for reasonable thinking people and for America in general as he’s done NOTHING since Trump took office except to resist everything the President wants to do, even if it would actually be beneficial to his constituents.

To hate Trump, and to ensure America is NOT better place for you and your children, and then hate on Trump some more is more important than doing the job he was elected to do.

He may have a modicum intelligence, but he’s a pure Socialist ideologue. He hates the President. He is at the forefront of the “Resist” movement. He’ll do anything that is against America’s vital interests in the furtherance of Socialism. Open the borders. Bring in fentanyl. Bring in millions of illegals. Give free everything to everybody, well except to American citizens, as you deserve nothing except what the Socialists tell us we deserve.

His versions of reality are often patently false or lying by omission of key details, something he has created an art form around over the past decade.

We could list the dozens upon dozens of outrageous tales and outright fabrications, but you’ve heard them all, probably several times by now.

We just wanted an excuse to put up his Barney Fife and Adolf Eichmann poses…

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