Cortez Has Lied To Us Again ~ Will She Ever Stop?


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), aka AOK, aka Cortez. She’s really been entertaining since being “inaugurated” into Congress (her term, not ours). She’s rewritten history, the makeup of the US Government and has written a manifesto for America moving forward, or in reality backwards.

But she’s done all she’s done while regaling us with tales of her “economics degree” from Boston University’s College of Arts and Sciences, and how that makes her an economic guru, capable of superhuman thoughts and emotions.

But as she facts check all that others say, she herself has opened up her own life to be fact checked. She is first to call foul or to lie about anything she disagrees with. So she was fact checked, and found out again to be lying to us.

She does NOT have a degree in economics as she constantly is crowing about. She took the following economic courses at Boston University College of Arts and Sciences:

  • EC 201 Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis
  • EC 202 Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis
  • EC 320 Economics of Less-Developed Regions
  • EC 391 International Economics I
  • EC 391 International Economics II: Problems and Policy

This was the entire expanse of economic courses she attended while at BU, less than 12 credit hours! Her other coursework included International Relations, Politics, Management (of what?), and other non-economics courses. So for her to tout that she is an “economics major” is a flat out lie. Her degree was in “International Relations” and had a minor minor (less than 12 credit hours worth) in economics.

During her time at BU’s College of Arts and Sciences, she was a science whiz she claims. She states in her biography that she won 2nd Place at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair with a microbiology research project on the effect of antioxidants on the lifespan of the nematode C. elegans. There were three, count ’em 3, top finishers that year, and CORTEZ was not one of them, period, end of story.

Yet she is consistently claiming to have earned a degree in economics, and has used this theme from Day One in her political career. She uses it to fend off critics when they question her $93 Trillion “just pay for it” Green New Deal and her other trillion dollar boondoggles.

Cortez responded to some who said she may not have had a very well rounded educational background, “May not have an education?” she retorted. “I have a degree in Economics and another in Intl. Relations from Boston University. Before that MIT honored my work in microbiology. No career? I started under Ted Kennedy and served as Educational Director for the National Hispanic Institute.”

But as we’ve pointed out above, no “degree in economics. LIE #1
She didn’t win 2nd Place in an MIT contest for microbiology LIE #2
LIE #3 is her claim of serving at the Educational Director for the National Hispanic Institute. She left several words out of the actual title she held.

Her real title was “Educational Director for the 2017 Northeast Collegiate World Series for the National Hispanic Institute”. See Cortez, words actually DO have meaning. There were also “directors” for the southeast, southwest, northwest, north, south, midwest, west, and east Collegiate World Series. You were one of several “directors”, for the College World Series!

Not for world affairs, etc. as you try to claim. You are a charlatan. A fraud. A lying politician. You are forever Cortez!

We’d love to NOT write about the continuing sage of Cortez lies and idiotic missteps and other assorted idiocy, but every single day that she opens her mouth, it’s more and more fodder for the trough. What can we do?

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