Some People Can Get Away With Anything


She married and divorced her own brother, making her guilty of incest and of bigamy. She called American Jews the most despicable names. She called Trump even worse. She believes in Shariah law over American law. She thinks white people ARE the problem.

Say hello to Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Muslim, Democrat Socialist, bigamist, liar, racist, anti-Semite…She’s one of America’s favorite new leaders.

Of course we’re supposed to overlook the facts:

  • Supports Hamas and other terrorist groups
  • Supports Iran
  • Supports Maduro of Venezuela
  • Supports North Korea
  • Hates Trump
  • Hates America
  • Hates Jews
  • Especially hates American Jews
  • Really really hates Trump supporting American Jews
  • Is a bigamist (was married to her own brother at same time married to another man)
  • Is incestuous (was married to own brother)
  • Supports cop killers
  • Is a racist
  • Is a liar
  • Is a Socialist/Islamic ideologue
  • Supporter of Louis Farrakhan
  • Embezzles money from her campaign fund to pay for a divorce from her own brother!

And this racist, lying, ugly ugly woman is supposed to be the new “moral compass” and “heartbeat” of America?


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