Democrats Support Russia/China In Venezuela – Not A Surprise Is It?

With the help of Russia and China, Venezuela may well rise from the ashes again. Thank you President Trump for doing nothing.

The Democrats have proven that they are no friend of the United States. They’ve gone above and beyond these past three years to thwart anything and everything, good/bad/indifferent, that our candidate and President has attempted to do.

They’ve actually paid the Russians to help them defeat and/or remove Trump from office. This is FACTUAL, not Fake News.

Dianne Feinstein had a Chinese spy in her employ for years, and she knew he was working for the Chinese, yet did nothing until the FBI forced her to.

Not a single Democrat had a single negative comment about Russia sending troops to Venezuela and China sending “engineers”, etc. Not a peep. A few have actually opined that “it’s a good thing”, “they’ll be a stabilizing force”, etc.

Stabilizing force? Against what? The population that Maduro is starving out of existence to ensure his regime? There is nothing a military force can do to help Venezuela, except to take out Maduro, and we’re not talking a dinner date here.

We realize the American Democrats are not your father’s Democrats of 30 years ago. They are all dedicated Marxists, Communists, Socialists, America haters to the core. They would rather see American killed by illegals than to stem the flow of criminals across the southern border.

The would rather see 70,000 American dies each year from fentanyl OD’s than to stem the flow of drugs across our southern border. Their reasoning is actually very sound. They kill off 70,000 or so each year that have the ability to vote “R”, and they bring in another 1 million that they give FREE STUFF to forever so they’ll vote “D”. That a fairly decent strategem.

And it’s working. As most states now give illegals a drivers license, guess what you need to vote? A drivers license with your name and photo. That’s all that is required in the majority of our states. We are not allowed to ask anyone if they are a U.S. citizen, even when they don’t speak English, as that is discriminatory, racist, xenophobic, hateful, and illegal.

So why the big love affair with Venezuela? The Left has 100% supported Chavez, then Maduro, now the Russians and Chinese over the past 20-odd years. We know why the Russians and Chinese want Venezuela as they have the largest proven oil reserves of any country in the world, the USA #11, Russia #8, and China #13.

Plus, it would give Communism a solid base to operate against Western interests and a ready-made army of miscreants/criminals ready to do their bidding against America in Venezuela and some other nearby Socialist countries that hate America.

The Venezuelan people have been used by their leaders, and now by Russia and China, while Trump sits on the sidelines refusing to shut down our border, which allows over 100,000 people a month to come into the US illegally, and we allow them to stay in perpetuity.

It is time to get tough, not words, severe punitive actions to force Mexico to stop enabling and/or actively assisting the human trafficking, drug / money smuggling going on. And they absolutely, 100%, without a doubt help all of the above. They are neck deep in assisting the “caravans” of thousands of illegals to come to our border.

Moving to Mexico may be the next “latest and greatest” thing to do as they are taking care of their own better than we are.

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