If Anyone Else Did This It Would Be Sexual Assault


Some people can get away with anything. Some people can get away with anything repeatedly. Some people is Joe Biden, Democrat candidate for POTUS in 2020, and no matter what he says, he’s running. He’s been running for 2 years already.

How many times would you be allowed to caress, touch, fondle, kiss, smell, nuzzle, hug, hold, squeeze and otherwise molest women and little girls before you would be either arrested or ostracized? You can rest assured that you wouldn’t receive the same “hands off” treatment that Biden is getting for being 100% “hands on”.

We’ll let the videos speak for themselves, as they are worth thousands upon thousands of words, and they beg the question, HOW and WHY does the media and the American people accept this behavior, simply because he worked for Obama? He’s a serial groper at best, and much worse in reality.

But in the “new” Democratic Socialist America, anything goes evidently. We are to lionize trannies, love MS-13, support illegals in perpetuity and allow Biden to continue molesting women, just because he’s “Uncle Joe”.

Creepy Joe keeps creepin’
Another creepy compilations of compulsive groping/kissing.
Jeff Sessions swats Biden’s hand away from his granddaughter.
Creepy Joe’s Greatest Grabs
Biden grinds crotch on 6 year-old girl.
Biden makes sick pedophile joke about kindergarten girl.

Biden gropes multiple women/girls

Biden calls this “power touching”

Biden gropes Ashton Carter’s wife, again!

Watch as Biden get girls close to him then gropes/fondles/kisses them repeatedly

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